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Trail Truck Insurance (TN)

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Anyone know of a cheap source for liabilty insurance for a trail truck. Its old enough to be an antique and driven less than 100 miles a month on the highway.

Anyone had good luck with an affordable (read CHEAP) particular carrier??

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DRM said:

Seems cheap enough to me - about the only other option would be to insure it as a "Farm" or "Limited use" vehicle of some kind - but I just can't see it getting much cheaper than that.
THe problem with being registered as a "Farm Truck" is that the only time you can drive it on the roads is going to the store, or going to school. You might as well not have it registered at all, or do Limited Use. A buddy of mine got busted bad when he took his Farm Truck vehicle to the beach.

This is in Texas however, but I'm sure your laws are similar.
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