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We made these after getting a great deal on some Aluminum so here you go!

They are all fully TIG welded and CNC bent to shape, they fit the intended purposes perfectly but definately can be used for lots of other things too!

All of them are great for trailers, trunks, shop walls, on the top or sides of toolboxes........you get the idea......Here are 2 of the smaller ones.

These are not like many of the others we have found out there that are just the front half, these are a complete unit, we don't drill the backs for mounting because of all the ways you could mount them. We'll leave that up to you but this is a great way to get organized!

They are priced from $26 to $39 and we made several hundred in this first batch so come and get'em! The PBB10 discount code gets another 10% off so don't forget it.
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