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Trailer Storage?

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I live in San Francisco and have no place to store a trailer. My last trailer was stolen off the street about three months ago. I am willing to store it anywhere within an hour's drive of my house and if someone will store it for me, I am willing to either pay for the storage or share the trailer with them.

Once I find a place to store a trailer, I'll start shopping for one.

Any suggestions, comments? HELP!!!
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questions because of 'sharing offer'

Rock toy

what size trailer...how much towing capacity?
ie...length/width and rated axles?
flat/flatbobtail ?
bed over axle/straight axle/drop axle?

asking because of the 'sharing offer'

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well if you decide on one that has at least two 5klb axles then I would be interested in providing a storage spot for you.
I think you've been here before. I'm in san jose and I think you delivered some stuff from someone else in san francisco to me one time. Was it your girlfriend that went to school down here or something like that? I'm right off 280 and McLaughlin ave.


oh...if you do then my direct email is:

[email protected]
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