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TrailReady Wheels Dominate King of the Hammers
Posted on 03.02.10 by Lance

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TrailReady Beadlocks cruised onto Johnson Valley's Means Dry Lake to play David in this, the 4th Chapter of the King of the Hammers battle. Goliath was of course, the competition, the Official Wheel of the event, and had filled the field with soldiers on shiney new wheels. In the end however, the story ended as it usually does, with TrailReady towering over the battered competition. Loren Healy beat Brad Lovell to the finish line by a mere 28 seconds, both of them rolling on TrailReady's HD17 Beadlock wheel. Trailready Beadlocks crowded the top of the leader board.

TrailReady backs their product by offering a one year unlimited warranty on the HD series including race hazzard. As the only Cast Aluminum Beadlock wheel made in the USA, superior domestic casting methods result in a stonger product that is worthy of this unusual warranty.

TrailReady Wheels enjoyed huge success in rock sports in 2009 with Tracy Jordon, the Lovells, Brian and Levi Shirley, amoung others, racking up wins and championships all season long. Good Luck Goliath, maybe next time.


"el hombre de la rueda"
Larry Trim,
Owner TrailReady Products LLC


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