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i have a 1997 jeep wrangler it has a 2.5 with a automatic i bought it for my daughter to drive. it had a blown motor in it (and now also bad trans)put another motor in it runs good.what is going out with it is when you put it in drive it starts out in 3 gear not 1 gear,if you put it in 2 gear its starts out in 2, it's like a manual valve body.i have gone through govenor 3 times and had trans shop look at it seems to be fine. next i took apart the valve body, checked and cleaned it 3 different times.seems everything is moving and clean. still thinking it's the valve body took one from another trans and put it in same thing.next i check fluid pressure thats ok.thinking something is stuck,broke or clogged i pulled out the trans and took it apart everything look good and cleaned in it and put new seals and gaskets in it put it back in same thing.i have also check all little things in between,like fluid,TV cable, and connections.as you can see i have time but not alot of money.i know the trans is very much like a 904 and 727, pretty easy trans to work on thats whats got me pissed now. i'm now sure that it's a (can't see the trees because of the forest thing going on now)gone to far to turn back now.hope someone can help.
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