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single speed transfer case...

i have been talking to SCS (www.scsgearbox.com another box maker like profab for monster trucks and mud racers). i have been talking to them about their "straight thru case" like what we are used to. however there is no provision for shifting (for front and rear digs), and the lowest ratio they have available is 2.5:1. i am wanting a single speed case with quick change gears. i would like to be able to put a gearset in my rig with a range between 2.5 and 5:1 for varying courses and terrains. something in the similarity of a dana 300 case also. the guys at SCS are trying to see if their case would accomodate the larger gear for the lower range. if not, a custom case would have to be machined, and i still have no shift-a-bility. so then it comes to driveline disconects on the outputs.

so heres what would be nice: a billet case like a 300, but with the ability for quick change gears and still have the provisions for front and rear neutral. and with the capability of either marrying or divorcing from the tranny, i would prefer divorced. no speedo crap, no high range (if its needed, change in a higher gearset), and no more bulk than necessary.

is there even a billet 300 case out there? what about ratios besides 2.6 and 4:1 for the 300? anything like that in teh works?

TEX - is there any other company out there that makes cases like profab and SCS? i would love to see what they got and talk with them.

the SCS thing i have going on i really hope i can find something more cost efficient. im only 19. what do we have out there ladies and gentleman?

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