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A 63 transfer case is a grenade waiting to go off. The early cases are likely to crack under extreme stress loads.
The strongest of the 3-speed cases were built from 70 on, Toyota used a better aluminum alloy, added a considerible amount of structural webbing and beefed up the boss area around the shafts.
I'd think a 71 mated to a 420 would be a good choice, not sure if I'd be willing to pay $700 but that's a matter of opinion and how much money you're willing to cut loose.
I bought a complete running 3-speed transfer case at the PMC swap meet for $200 a couple years ago.
I've never paid more than a hundred bucks for an SM420, in fact the one I've been running in my Cruiser for the last few years cost me $20 bucks at a yard sale:D
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