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Trona, and fuel,

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has any thing changed? No fuel is the last I heard.
Trying to figure out if I should tow my junk to Ballarat, with the diesel, or run out of gas with my truck? Short beds can only hold so many gas cans.

So if anyone knows if the Texaco is or will be selling fuel soon, please post up. I doubt the Cheveron will ever sell fuel again.

Kramer and Ridgecrest takes about 40 miles, plus more mileage, out of my fuel range. 32 gallon fuel cell and 20 in cans.:rolleyes:

PSR has a bar.:laughing:

So any updates?
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The lady at Texaco told me they would have fuel by the 2nd week of Jan this was the day before Christmas. They had not had fuel in 5 months! I am guessing they still wont but could not say for sure.
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