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I'm running a 670TA on a 427 BBC. I had the same problems with carb backfiring. What I found...well a couple things, but anyway, was that the linkage from the cam on the throttle shaft to the arm that pushes on the acc-pump was out of adjustment and adjusted too tight and wasn't allowing the accelerator pump to have a full pump of motion...like it started half way up and didn't get enough fuel out the squirters. I tightened up the locknut and spring-bolt thing to shorten it until it was barely loose from the arm that pushes on it. That gave me quite a bit more fuel from a full stroke on the pump. I also bumped my timing up just a tad. Oh, they also prefer a little bit of heat in the engine before they'll work real well. It's working a whole lot better now...now they just need to make one with mechanical secondaries and squirters so you can thump on them hard off the line and really pour the fuel to it...AND still climb and sidehill with the best of them on the trail. OH, my float levels were low as well from the factory. Hey factory settings- :flipoff2:
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