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I realize that my question might not be considered super hardcore, but...

I went thru the search and have decided on the ideal tire groover to groove a set of 33" TSL Radials. (I know, they are small)
My rig is a DD and most all of my wheelin' is in mud. The continous center tread doesn't work as well in the mud compared to the open center tread in the bias ply's that I used to run (31 Bias ply TSL).

From the posts it looks as if a #5 blade will provide the right width to seperate each center lug. My intent is to simply groove each center lug so that it has the same tread pattern as a std. Bias ply TSL.

Has anyone grooved radial TSL's? Most replys were for the bias ply TSL's or Boggers.

I just wanted to know if there are any additional issues with grooving the radials because of the rubber compound or tire construction? If the lugs would tear, etc?

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