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Tube buggy buildup

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It that time of year again so heres what im building -

Thought it was time to step up to a full tube buggy, this will be the spec:

4.4L Leyland P67 motor with rover heads (very similar block to 3.5L rover motor - everything off a rover can be bolted up to this motor with adapters)
ZF auto
lt230 transfer with stock 3.3 gears
rover/toy hybrid diffs with 4.3 centres and longfields

Planning on using lots of rover stuff in this rig. Things like pedals, steering, brakes, dash (eventually), springs, and standard rover axle housing mountings (which means radius arms for the front and still using the stock centre ball joint in the rear).

Wheel base will be a stock 100 inches and basically all the major components (like motor/gearbox/transfer , axles , steering box, panhard etc) will all be in standard locations relative to each other. Which means that I will be using standard drive shafts also. Doing this makes it alot easier because Im basically just measuring of my disco to work out all the critical dimensions. Hopefully it will be running less than 3in of lift over stock as far as the front diff is concerned to try to keep all the front geometry not too far out of wack.

I want to run at least a 37in tyre for street work and will probably end up with my 42s on it for trailered wheeling.

Back up plan for axles is a rear salisbury and front D60 that I got but these axles need a bit of time and $$ to get them up to spec (namely 35 spline for the salisbury and narrowed and rover hubs for the chev d60) so for the moment the rover/toy hybrid diffs are going to cop one hellofa floggin.

May also go to maxi 4.3 transfer gears if I have to.

After a few half days and one solid day this is where im up to. Even pinched my series 2a bonnet of my mog rover and an old series 2a grill to try to get a feel for what its going to look like.

Anyway heres the pics.



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Nice work Sam

I was going to build something very similar myself. But as I build stuff at about 1/1000 of the speed that you do, I decided I'd concentrate on the Ibex that I've already got.

You are on the money with light weight, decent power, and a tube frame. The other advantage for me, was tube fenders that I could attack forest sections with no risk of damage to bodywork.

I bet you'll be upgrading your shafts before too long though :flipoff2:
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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