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this is a tube buggy project that is nearly complete but i lost time and interest.
the frame is a 1978 bronco
rebuilt fuel injected 5.8L
rebuilt E40D tranny
8.8 rear with a spool
Dana 44 front with new brake lines and Lock outs
4 buckets with 5 points
1 3/4 tubing

all of the metal work is completed. the main thing it needs is to have the harness put in to make it run. and the dash needs the sheet metal put on it.
i have extra tubing and sheet metal. all it needs is a little more time which i dont have.
i am asking 1900.00 bucks for it obo. i have alot more invested than this but it really does need to go away. call my cell 307-660-7389 for more information.
thanks clint
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