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The frame on my 1987 YJ is rusted in a really bad way, looks I will have to replace it with another. I was toying with the idea of building a tube frame, to my understanding it may come out to the same price as a used frame (because I'd have to buy a MIG welder, though renting is a possibility), and a lot cheaper than a new one.

So what all is involved here? How well would this hold up to off-road abuse? Is this acceptable (DOT or not) as a daily driver? What could be affected by this that I'm not thinking of? What about mounting the motor?

Lastly, what kind of tubing should I use, and does anyone have any building tips?

In the end I may go with a regular frame, but I thought I should do some more research into this as I really like the idea. I suppose that having a tube frame would really limit the amount of bolt-ons that would fit (skids, etc), but by the time I'm done building this frame bolt-ons would be for wussies anyway <IMG SRC="smilies/jeep2.gif" border="0"> TIA
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