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Hey guys,

I'm installing the 6.5l turbo parts on my 6.2l diesel K5 blazer. As I have more travel than a standard street truck guys usually do this on I think my crossover routing plans are more limited. The stock 6.5s had a driver side drop and different shaft angle so that crossover doesn't apply.

If I run in front part of the oil pan it seems like the axle will hit. Running around the front of the engine seems hardly doable. If I run near front of tranny crossmember under driveshaft U joint it might clear but I'd lose ground clearance.

The one way I know will have zero clearance problems is way back behind the transfer case. This seems a bit long though as I think around 11ft. Long crossover.

So will this cause a bunch of lag or engine imbalance issues? Should I really be unbolting my leaf springs to see exact up-travel for measurement and try and get it shorter?

Thanks guys
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