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The ol girl dun moved to Texas

1989 Jeep MJ back half and exo
I have an open Indiana title for it, but the vin tag is gone with the stock dash


Front end:
HP Dana 44 4.10
Welded carrier
Chromoly shafts
CTM's (brand new rebuild kits, one trip)
HD diff cover
Brake pads and All bearings and seals (minus carrier and pinion) are brand new (one trip on them)
Warn premium hubs
brand new psc d.e. ram and 3/4 hiems
3-link with 1.25" lowers 7/8" upper and panhard
16x2.5" fox piggyback res c/o's

Dana 60 4.10 FF
welded, drum brakes, 16 spline (I know :shaking:)
BUT: it is trussed tied into the HD diff cover
Triangulated 4-link 1.25" Uppers and Lowers
new seals (one trip)
16x2.0" fox air shocks

Stock 4.0 on pane
425 setup for draw through
Billet HEI distributor
brand new T3-T4 windmill... Spools super quick and sounds friggin awesome
brand new HKS bov
big remote oil filter and cooler
dual electric fans

5sp trans
231 with a NICE SYE

the crossmember is a super heavy duty copy of clayton's that was custom made

Wheels n' Tires:
grooved 39.5 iroks
Wrapped around 17" H2s

custom aluminum dash
bucket seats
4.5 point cam harnesses (subs not installed)
removable doors

BRAND NEW red top in ruff stuff box
Brand new e-350 MC
4 Alum forklift tanks
2 NOS vintage KC lights
1 9" HID light
Headlights have been replaced with school bus stop lights... (GRAVE DIGGER STYLE!!!:grinpimp:)
I have two spare rear shafts now
spare front and rear combo driveshaft u-joints
Ill even throw in 6 brand new Ballistic BILLET rod ends!!!
i had 8 but i put two on the front lowers

So the deal is i bought it and rebuilt it and wheeled it once and decided its not for me... I cant wheel a manual and swapping in an auto would open up a can of worms im not interested in and it works awesome the way it is so im looking for something different

I did pick up a dana 300 and aw4 to put in it but its in storage and i can work with you on including it if you'd be interested

So to sell outright im asking $5500 OBO

but I love to trade and i'm in the mood for a change...
Id entertain offers for anything really... some things i had in mind would be a streetable jeep, bike, side by side, cummins?
but honestly, anything.... truck? car? partial trades on gun stuff? jetskis? boats... anything with a motor, some things without

i have a 20ft triple axle trailer i can toss in for the right deal

try me, the worst i can say is no LOL

I'm located in Mattoon, IL and I can travel

Short video
Driveshaft Hill - YouTube

here is my build thread fwiw

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You have a star BUT your sig no works!?!?!? Bump for an awesome jeep that will wheel like crazy, well, assuming you can wheel a manual trans :laughing::evil::flipoff2::homer:

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Ill give you 7 spark plugs for a chevy 350 and.....:flipoff2:

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How about the brand new E350 master cylinder you put on it?

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better buy now! He is looking to throw some money at it so the price is gonna go up!

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