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Figured I should start an actual project thread on my poo pile, the Turdburglar

Here are some more details of the car as it was when I purchased it...

1986 Extra Cab
rebuilt 22re (about 1,000 miles on the motor since rebuild)
Bomb Proof motor mounts
Big ol' stinger up front with a 9000b warn winch
rock sliders and tube rear bumper

Marlin crawl box
4.70 in the rear case
Bomb Proof t case mount
4.88's with ARB air lockers front and rear
Chromo Shafts front and rear
10 bolt front axle, disc brakes
Toyota rear, with drums
37" Old style MTR's
Steel wheels

interior cage
Master craft seats with harnesses
rock lights
beat for bumping Party in the USA
CB radio

Since purchasing I have been able to wheel this thing a handful of times. Maiden voyage was rubicon for Memorial Weekend with the Poly Goats. Truck worked well, was mostly just getting a feel for it, in particular wheeling with dual cases. Lots of lever to pull, but I'm getting a lot more comfortable with it and enjoying it a lot more.

improvements since buying
-14" 2.0 smooth bodies up front
-spare tire carrier with 12" 2.5 smooth bodies mounted off the back of this, with hi-lift mount and soon to be a baja basket on top
-15" TR beadlocks (snapped a few wheel studs off in the process of removing the old wheels, which led to the discovery of completely blown out seals)
-freshly serviced rear end, new seals, brake pads and wheel studs
-some sweet pink interior lights that look like a Tijuana strip club

on the list still
-not a 10 bolt front end, not sure what it will get replaced or the timeline for this but I would like to get rid of it sooner rather than later. Either back to toyota axle or possibly a 60 or something similar with the goal to keep it close to toyota width
-transmission needs some loving, countershaft bearing is pretty much shot and getting louder each trip
-new tranny/transfer case crossmember, current one hangs pretty low so I would like to get something up a little higher and build some skids off of it
-clean up electrical, engine bay and interior
-this list is pretty much endless and will continue to grow with every trip.

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Made it back from KOH without the wheels falling off... but they almost did. 10 bolts are garbage, especially when they are never maintained. Going to do a refresh with all new wheel bearings and seals. Additionally need to put a new helicoil/keensert in the bottom bolt of the diff cover to stop the constant drip. This will hopefully get me through the summer season and give me some time to build something new.

Beginning to research what I want for the next axle.
Things I have learned:
1. I can spend a lot of money very quickly
2. There are a million options

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Started to tear into the 10 bolt tonight and to no surprise, it was a disaster in there. As shitty as a 10 bolt is, this is a maintenance problem, not an axle problem. I never cracked this open to check anything in the front axle. The rear was well abused and not well maintain either so I really can't say I'm surprised.

The end of the sub shaft is pretty much smoked,the splines are essentially completely rounded off from he hub wobbling about the sub shaft for the 10 miles back to camp. I was hoping this wouldnt be the case but I will likely need to replace the passenger stub shaft, the driver side is still in good shape. Never replaced a stub shaft before so it will be a fun time regardless. Locking hub on the passenger side is destroyed, going to just replace both for peace of mind.

Its hard to be excited about rebuilding a 10 bolt but I need this axle to last me a little longer until I figure out a better option and have the funds to build said better option. I'm in the wheel bearings and seals $100 bucks and am willing to spend a few more dollars but really don't want to spend too much money or time on this.
In terms of the next axle, starting to lean towards a fabricated toyota housing or FJ80. I like the idea of getting the front back to Toyota 8" because of the availability of parts on the internet/ junk yards/ trail. FJ80 axle would be a stronger option, less widely available, but could be built for less than a fabricated housing.

One perk to a fabricated toyota housing is that it somewhat puts a ceiling on this build. I don't plan to run anything bigger than 37's on this rig and retaining toyota axles helps to reaffirm that thought. The downside is that when I do decided to build something bigger and better, I don't have a fancy bulletproof axle like a 9" or 60 to pull from one to the other.


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After KOH my axle sounded like an episode of will it blend and I have officially spent way more money on a 10 bolt than anyone should ever spend. The further I dug the more I found that was not right. Pretty safe to say that axle had never been serviced in the 10 years that it has been on the truck. Here are some pictures of the carnage that I found.

I ended up stripping the axle down to the inner C's and basically replaced everything from there out. New ball joints for the knuckles, all new seals bearings and races, rebuilt the CTM joints and new chromo outer shafts, new spindles and finally a new set of locking hubs since the above photo shows pretty clearly how many pieces the old one came out in.

completed on the bench, with a freshly painted gold diff cover

back on the truck, same old tie rod smile but a fancy new synthetic winch line

working on getting my race radio mounted. pulled the center vents of out of the dash and mounted the radio where they were. bracket is welded in, need to finish a face plate to close it up.

new PRP seat belts installed as well

Looking forward to wheeling this thing down at the hammer for memorial day

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Is a toyota axle really that big of an upgrade? I think putting 150$ into this is going to be great until Chris can get a 60 or bling it up with a fab9.

Its got all the upgrades it can have and isn't too much different than a 44.
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