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Subject : Turner Foundation

Subject: Turner Foundation, Inc. Announces Grant Program

Turner Foundation, Inc. Announces Grant Program

The Turner Foundation, Inc. is soliciting new grant proposals for the
protection of rivers, lakes, wetlands, aquifers, oceans, and other water
systems from contamination, degradation, and other abuses.

Priorities include strengthening the advocacy, outreach, and technical
capabilities of organizations addressing the protection of water systems;
stopping further degradation of water-dependent habitats from new dams,
diversions, and other large infrastructure projects; reducing wasteful water
use by conservation; promoting allocation of water specifically for
environmental purposes, including habitat restoration and fish and wildlife
protection; supporting efforts to improve public policies affecting water
protection, including initiatives to secure pollution prevention and habitat
protection; reducing pesticide use; and strengthening the advocacy,
outreach, and technical capabilities addressing the disproportionate use
location of toxic material in poor and rural areas.
The Foundation's board meets four times each year, so applications can be
submitted continuously. The Foundation does not customarily provide support
for buildings, land, acquisition, endowments, or start-up funds.
Additionally, the foundation does not normally fund films, books,
magazines, or other specific media projects. The foundation does not provide
support to individuals but does award grants to organizations on an annual
Prior to submitting a grant application for continued support, reapplying
organizations should file a report updating their activities. Although the
geographic focus of this program is the states of New Mexico, Montana,
Colorado, Nebraska, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida,
consideration will be given to some national and international programs

Contact: Peter Bahouth, Executive Director, Turner Foundation, Inc. One
Center, Suite 1090 - South Tower, Attn: Program Department, Atlanta, Georgia
Contact Phone: +1 (404) 681-9900, Contact Email:
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>, URL for more

ahh screw it call me Mark :D
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I may take some flak on this one but I think this is a good thing. As long as the money is used to actually help the water situation and not to promote the agendas of extreme groups or used to fund campains/projects without conclusive scientific research. Although I am against closing many off-road trails I also believe we do have to take care of the environment. Now if only both sides were willing to compromise a little.


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Are they for or against wheelin? I would think that if they are trying to stop water contamination etc, than they would want all the water crossings closed.
Hopefully after that they would not want to stop the trails that are near water crossings.

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is that ted turner that owns all the broadcasting cos if so he is a big ranch owner and is probably trying to look good which is a good thing as long as his ranches subscribe to the same clean water theories

im so broke i cant pay attention
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