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i had this Tuned Port Injection system on my project truck and decided that it needs more power so an blower and carb is going onto the motor.

i had the factory harness converted into an standalone harness before starting the swap. harness is labeled for the most part and has its own mini fuse block making for an clean easy install.

i passed smog in CO with this setup 2x's with flying colors.

this was in a 85' C-10 truck with an purpose built motor running 9.5-1 compression. made 343whp and 332tq on 91 octane and got about 17mpg mixed driving use.

-----included parts------


intake manifold


fuel pump (inline style for EFI)

air filter setup

all needed sensors

throttle cable

smog pump

charcoal canister


this is a general list, there are many small parts that were added to the stock EFI to make it work on my project truck.

i will post up photos if there is internist.

$750.00 plus shipping

located in Riverside, CA
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