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Originally posted by Entropy:
<STRONG> is it going to cost me the price of a new d-shaft to get replacement parts? Parts as is 3 new joints with caps...</STRONG>
It shouldn't. Local d'shaft shop sells the Spicer U-joints for about $36 (IIRC) and a cheaper US made brand for about $26. R&R is about $12 if you bring in the shaft. The CV joint is much higher if you buy the unit.

I installed a Auto-Zone joint (made in China) and it lasted about 3 weeks on daily driver.

My experience is its essentially IMPOSSIBLE to R&R one of these ujoints with BFH; you gotta use a press. Youll beat the doooo out of the old one getting it out, possibly damaging the yoke, then beat more doooo out of the new one getting it in, possibly destroying it.
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