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Im contemplating whether or not to set up my rear axle for a CV. Right now I have the t-case at 4 degrees. Lets say -4 because its tilted back. The axle is at +4. My anglometer jobbie showes the shaft at 26 degrees. Im pretty sure that Jesse told me that with the 4 degrees in there I could subtract that for what angle the ujoint sees. So basically I have 22 degrees. Now the question. How long should I expect my ujoints to last. The ujoint at the t-case is a 1310 and the one at the axle is a cruiser / toyota ujoint (no clue on size).

I haven't welded the spring pads on nor driven it but Im not sure if I should just go CV (dont want to for cost and blah blah blah).

any suggestions or answers

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