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From our Website:

"Current High steer arms are single shear in design, and prone to failure under extreme circumstances due to bolt failures on the steering linkages. This design overcomes that problem by utilizing a keyway two-piece double-shear design that bolts together by using three Gr. 8 bolts.

Common aftermarket high steer arms utilize factory tapered tie-rod ends for steering ends. The new design uses chromoly heim joints / rod ends coupled with high misalignment spacers to achieve a greater degree of misalignment needed in extreme circumstances of suspension travel.

Added features are the counter bores that allow the custom high misalignment spacers to seat .188” into each side of the arm to combat shearing forces on the bolts, while using the clamping forces of the bolts to locate the joints. This feature also allows safe operation even in the event that a bolt is lost or broken.

Included in Kit:

2 Double Shear high steer Arms with Grease Zerk and clamping bolt
8 200,000 psi CrMo ARP high strength studs
8 Custom machined self centering enclosed nuts
2 Kingpin spring rebuild kits
8 3/4" to 5/8" High Misalignment spacers (propriatary to application)
2 RH QA1 XMR-12 CrMo rod ends & Jam nuts
2 LH QA1 XMR-12 CrMo rod ends & Jam nuts

Note: These arms are NOT compatible with tie rod ends and MUST be used in conjunction with the joints and spacers provided in kit. PATENT PENDING"

This giveaway consists of the above mentioned Double Shear high steer arms (2) as well as Tube adapters (4) and tube (2 pieces of 1.5" .250" wall DOM @58" length) to constitiue a complete steering kit. The teflon bushing and spacer shown in photos will be replaced with an OEM style spring rebuild kit.

Kit value $587.50

Machined IN HOUSE!

Rules: Star members enter by posting ONCE in this thread, winner will be chosen at random on 9/30/07 @ 12:00 PM. Good luck and thanks to everyone for the continued support!

Suspension Showcase thread (ask questions and get answers here)...

EDIT: 9/14/07

If you had the Dedenbear setup, you would have my money today. I like this idea a lot.

All Double shear arms from Ballistic now feature the Reid racing / Dedenbear 5th stud capability, without weakening the design or changing the overall look... at no added cost. Thanks for the support!

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Very sexy... thanks for the chance.

Can those be run behind the axle?:confused:

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That thing is sweet. Count me in.

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