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There's always 2 or 3 threads started on how to put 1 tons under a TJ. Then there's threads on how to put a HP44 under a TJ and all the questions that come with that swap. So, I decided to put together this FAQ with links to builds, mods, and important swap information. Feel free to add to it as it's here to help everyone and act as a reference for the crowd going bigger. I've also included a few YJ and JK builds that had some good info in them and the owners built 4 link/3 link systems that are good examples. If it is not here, post it and it will be added. By continuing the threads already here, we can build on the base of that topic in one place instead of having 5 or 6 different sources for 1 topic. Bump those old threads, it keeps the info up to date and fresh!

*UPDATE December 11th 2015* All builds with broken pics are removed and I'll be adding the new builds as I see them or as they are posted here. Thanks and sorry for the long delay!

Other new builds added - submit yours!

Use the "find" function on your keyboard (CTRL + F) to search for your topic or section. I know this is getting large but it's a one stop shop.

Wranglers: TJs and YJs

2.5 ton Rockwell builds

LUVMYTJ's TJ Build #3 (rockwells)
Project 127 AKA Too Loooong by BFJ - Sick rig!
TJ Rockwell build by MudTJ

Mog Builds

All Pro Fab TJ Build
Just another TJ on MOGS by Mudinyeri
YJ with Mogs by Ford_KTM
Mog Axled TJ by MilCrawl
Couple Mog builds, sick red TJ!
TJ on Mogs thread, more tech than a build
Project Yellow Jacket
Scooby by BenE
Project Stump Jumper by bigblacktj

1 ton builds

Must Read Builds
These rigs range from full bodied Jeeps to complete buggies. Some are transformations in phases, others go straight to the good stuff. These are awesome templates and examples of well built rigs. All the rigs in this thread deserve attention, these are here to serve as a "quick reference" for others.

Full Bodied Rigs

Project 1 TonJ by BamaSahara
Chopping the TJ by BlueAngel
Gui - Geberhard's "YTJ"
Project Back to Basics, simple 60 swap by rokcrylrtj
Project: Dookey! by Dookey, formerly MVdSlUT
Project Dookey's Revenge
TJ All in One Rig
WideJs HP60 swap - this is a YJ but he used a link setup instead of leafs
YJ Erection by WideJ
Fool Injected TJ - All the bling
TJ Build From Scratch Using PBB Info by Rock Rod
Project Evil Monkey - badass 1ton TJ with a ton of mods and TECH!
=-Rocky-= TJ Build
A JK in the Hardcore Jeep Section!
The hogg jeep - badass low TJ
Trying to Keep it Simple 1 Ton TJ
BDDISI 1 ton build
Moore87's College Build Up
Project:BEAR by BEAR
Project: Animal "the relapse" by BEAR
Project Rehab
Project TJ Recreation Colorado by SLIPKOTJ
Project WarPony by mlove6
TJ 3 link, 60s, 39s....Rebuild by sidious
Project Shredder by axle bender - very unique fab with a lot of cheap homemade methods and tools!
7/8 ton TJ by AlxJ64
The Baconator: Rubi on 42s by Alxj64
TwistedNW Project Turtle YJ LCG on tons by chopper9451
Project Lola by Benny87 - nice fastback style cage and build
Evolution of a Vet's Jeep - superlow TJ
Full Bodied LJ Rubi on one tons
Copperhead Build[/b]
P&T Jeeps Rear frame stretch and 1 tons
Project Slinky Blue Ballz by Kirbyiv
Project "Get that Heep done before the wedding!" (Chevy D60/70 in a TJ)
Project 'ol Blue by Alejandro
Greg's RME TJ
Kmkommes' one ton DD TJ projectBlack Diamond TJ
Project Piss Off My Neighbors and Set My Condo on Fire by gtxracer, Eaton HO72 front and rear

Juggies and Buggies

03 TJ Warranty Build by Brink_ / 4WS, NOS, and burnt orange paint!
TJ Fuel Cell / Stretch got out of hand by nbjeepTJ
tnjeep's Juggy DD TJ Build
Vertical Limits Lo Rider TJ build (dovetail puts it in "juggy" status)
TJ-7 Build Thread - 6.0L/4L60e swap & narrowed tub
Rugger99's 2010 Juggy Project
Navman's hardcore YJ with the most badass D30 around
Project 2.0 by tjjared413

Diesel 1 ton builds

Project: Eat me by johnrv4 - one badass sleeper style TJ
^^^completed and running 1 ton 4bt TJ getting low 20's mpg on 40s^^^
1 Ton Diesel TJ by navymark08

Ultra4 Builds - KOH Bound!

Hurleygo3's winning KOH EMC Modified Build thread
Project "Stretch it" by Texasag02 (more "go-fast" than most 1 ton builds)
Becca's TJ round 1
Becca Webster's '09 KOH TJ Build
Project Over My Head by GiS - great beef and some nice BLING!
DJ404's 1 ton build
Savvy/Currie/SFR KOH Stock Class LJ Racer

9 inch and 609 builds

Kickass Spidertrax build by bnine
2+Year TJ Build with 609/35spl 9 rear by Sommertime
Axle and Suspension Redo with Tru Hi 9s by Frank TJ
Garage 609 build
Spidertrax/609 build by Joel77 *bling bling*

3/4 and 7/8 ton builds (HP44s, 44&60 swaps, 449s, etc)

P&T Jeeps Front Stretch with HP44
Project Acrophobia, HP449/9" with lots of custom fab, by TeenyCAR
Project Recovery by geberhard
Wildman's TJ getting a face lift!
Beat95YJ's slick sleeper TJ on coilovers
TJ Build - 44/9 3&4 Link by Curt's 97
LCG TJ build
Project TJ Dovetail by Jeepman14wheel
Alxj64's Hot Mess Express build
Project "Collateral" - 2005 LJ on 37's by rokk99


HomeBrew Highline Fenders by stjjames
Coilovers in the rear of a TJ
Install a Fuel Cell in a late model TJ by Redmist (good writeup)
New TJ Leaf Conversion
Cutting and lengthening a TJ frame
Steering for a TJ
Cheap 1 ton Brake fix
Stretching a TJ front, using a Astro Van box
TJ Front stretch
Rear Stretch = Modified YJ Tank: Don't want to spend a ton of cash on a new tank but still want to stretch the rear? GO HERE!
Moving the gas tank up

Dana 60 stuff

Dana 60 parts specs and tech
Fullwidth HP60 thread, Ford 86-92.5
More Fullwidth Ford HP60s in a TJ
TJ Front D60 questions
More TJ HP60 front questions
Even more Front TJ D60 questions
TJ HP60 width
TJ Dana 60 narrowing specs
Built TJ front 60 questions
Kingpin 60 highsteer on a TJ
'79 F350 D60/D60 swap into TJ
Hey look! Even more front TJ D60 swap info!
FAQ: Fitting a Chevy D60 under the front of a TJ
Rear 60 tear down and rebuild + shortening and putting in a TJ
Ball Joint (BJ) D60 build by DJ404

14 Bolt stuff

14 Bolt Bible by BillaVista
14 bolt Detroit install at home

Hybrid axles

608.9 by ddstruel - a 44/60 hybrid with a couple twists
Cutting down a JK HP44 for a TJ, TJ D30 outers - good tech for 1/2 ton crowd

Dana 50 stuff

D50 spool with 35spline 60 shafts
WMS of a D50?
Unit Bearing replacement, possible conversion
D50 tubes = 60 tubes?
D50 vs D60

Dana 44 stuff

JK D44 info
HP44 swap info
Pass side drop 44 with D300 into TJ
How to: Custom Width HP44 and swap into TJ
Fixing sway bar rubbing on a swapped in HP44 with highsteer
Will a D44 hold up to 37" Krawlers?
HP44 brake questions - how to fit TJ lines
HP44 death wobble diagnosis
Dana 30 vs Dana 44 - a new approach

Toyota axles

Mini-truck axles (same as FJ40/55)

Toy axles in a Jeep
More Toy Axles in a Jeep
Toy 8" rear in a TJ
58" Toy 8" axles under a TJ
Toy axles in a Jeep, TJ pics, more info, really good thread
Toy axles in a TJ, more links and info

FJ80 axles, some FJ60/62 tech

FJ80 steering issues with arms, homemade stuff
FJ80 axles in a buggy, good info on bent steering arms
FJ80 axles Tech, official thread - how to use stock arms up front
Info on FJ80 axles
FJ80 axles under Jeeps, couple TJs, linked YJ, flipped housing, etc
Driver's side drop Toy axle in a TJ (mini truck axle stuff too)

Four Link Corner

Four Link Calculator
Four link calculator 101
Link Suspensions for Dummies
Ownerbuilt EB Four Link
How do Ruff Stuff heims hold up?
Link end threads - same or opposite?
Link Material Opinions
Link bolt failures
Four Link Exhaust
TOTW: Four Links
Which ends to use on rear four link?
Bushings vs RE Joints
Best Bushings for Radius Arm setup
Bushings on both link ends. How durable?
Lengthy discussion on link bushings
Build your own BADASS long arm suspension by Tommy R
Clayton Long Arm suspension
Anyone use the Poly Performance TJ 4-Link it? HELL YES! Awesome link kit for your TJ


TJ Master Cylinder Upgrade - Dodge 1500 2500 3500 upgrade - GO HERE FOR ALL YOUR MC QUESTIONS AND TECH!
RAM 2500 master cylinder MC upgrade on YJ\TJ
Troubleshooting your brakes after a swap
No rear brakes after simple axle swap, help!
TJ brakes spongy after Ford Dana60 front swap

Engine Swaps

Swapping a 4.0L from a 2.5L (4cyl to 6 cyl Jeep swap)
What did you swap into your TJ? some info on the Viper swap too
HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!! My 2.5L sucks!!!
Radiator for LT1 swap
TJ V8 Swap Airbag questions
5.3L Vortec/4l60E swap quesions
Pictures of a 2.5L to 4.0L Swap
BBC and SBC swap questions
More 5.3 and 4L60E info and questions
TJ Magnum 5.2 swap help and questions
TJ 5.2 Magnum motor mount help
Using factory TJ Gauges after Chevy engine swap
Another 2.5L to 4.0L swap thread with pics
Engine swap poll and testimonies
LS1 engine swap with PICS
5.2 Magnum swap info
TJ Hemi swap info
LT1 swap info
Wrangler H.D.
Project 4.7 the hard way
More 4.7 swap info
5.3 Jeeps
5.7 Hemi Swap by PacificNWJeeper - a TON of tech on the Hemi swap

Stroker Land of the 4.0
400HP pump gas friendly 4.5L stroker *WITH TURBO* by YJ and Corey
4.6L competition/racing naturally aspirated engine

Turbo power

I want BOOST by jpfrk2001 - Going against the Odds
JBR7 - Forced Induction
Maximum Boost at Amazon.com
***Also see Stroker Land above***

Diesel power and swaps

Mercedes Swap Info
Cummins in a TJ?
4bt conversion tech and builds
YJ with 7.3L Powerstroke?
4BT Cummins TJ Swap

Transmission swaps

TJ Auto Swap questions TF999
TF999 swap
2.5L--->AX15 swap update!

Granny Low 4 speed corner
sm465 in TJs/YJs
np435 to 258
Can I go flatskid with np435 and d300
sm465 clearance issue in my TJ
Dodge np435 bolts up to d300
np435 in a TJ, will it clear?
tranny swap sm420 or np435

Transfer case swaps

How much power can a Dana 300 handle?
Non flipped D300 in a TJ

Cages and tubework

LJ Backhalf, great tube work
Good tubework for the front hoop and stinger
Tube fenders while keeping the inner fender
TJ Cage Inspiration Thread
PSC full cage (good read)
Poly cage and install (awesome bolt in cage for TJ)
Project Quick Cage
PSC Trail Cage (another good read)
TJ Cage thread
TJ Cage like no other
Custom cages with built in air tanks
Exo-cage that doesn't look much like one
TJ Exo-cage ideas
Family Cages
Blue Angels TJ Cage
TJ Halo cage design flaws
Cage designs and builds here
Zachv's cage (pics may not work)

Winch and Bumper threads

TJ, YJ, CJ bumper bolt patterns
Making your own winch plate
More on fabbing a TJ winch plate
Awesome thread on making your own front bumper. Very clean and sick design, by Raskull
TJ Front Bumpers thread

HomeBrew Armor
Custom Rocker template with dimensions and specs


Jeeps with truck cabs, like the AEV BRUTE
Low Ridin' TJs
Hardcore TJs - need inspiration
TJ axle advice
Pros and Cons of going Fullwidth
Fullwidth pics and specs
Backhalfed TJ pictures
Flat Dashed TJs
Axle Bracket experiences
TJ Fuel Tanks: Genrite vs BTF vs Koz vs Nth Degree


nothing special old school v8 cj with a twist by ddestruel
Bling Bling CJ by Canyonmann
Old School CJ Build by yjwrangler95
Project Primitive CJ by primate60
The Great Eastern Trend Kill by Deadman94XJ
Undecided CJ, badass CJ stretched and one tons with big meats

Diesel CJs
Project Daily Driver Tug by gavan


Ultimate Pirate Willys Thread

The show us your Willys thread!

Project Squirrel '56 M38 by BEAR
Rango....1942 Willys MB by Meiser
My little MF by b4wscrambler
1947 3 years in the making by SammyG
1947 Willys Retro Wheeler by jalbrecht42

More coming soon...POST UP!

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LOL! I come in from the garage, taking a break from the one ton build looking for inspiration, and I find this...All ready for me to browse.

Thank you!!! My build is in my signature as well,

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Awesome. That is one of the things I love about the Toyota Forum. They have all kinds of reference threads to buildups.

That's funny, I had an 83 Toy pickup before my TJ. I guess I just liked that about the Yota forum.

I added the 60 part thread. Good tech!

EDIT: Sorry Kirby, last time I read your thread you had 44s under it. Mah bad! :flipoff2: :emb:
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