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If you've got 'em (and I've seen some great ones so far!) post 'em up!

We'll get this party started. The start of the race was killer. Kudos for one of the most exciting Ultra4 races to date, Dave.

Special thanks to ESAB Welding & Cutting, Pacific Fab, Yukon Gear and Axle, ADS Off-Road Racing Shocks, ARTEC industries, Spyder Auto, Solid Axle Industries, CIS, Ballistic Fab, Raceline Wheels, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Dutchman Motorsports, and TechWearUSA.

LROR Ultra4 Metal Cloak Stampede - YouTube

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My Videos from the stands

Had a blast! can't wait to get my buggy fixed and get back out there!
in no particular order
Ultra 4 stampede Jesse Haines jump! - YouTube

Ultra 4 stampede Loren Healy on full attack - YouTube

Ultra 4 stampede Loren Healy pass for 1st pre-lim - YouTube

ultra 4 stamped prelim start - YouTube

ultra 4 stampede Nick nelson spin! - YouTube

Ultra 4 Stampede Shannon Cambell - YouTube

I was way zoomed in so i lost Tom Wayes for a second but found him just in time to catch his crazy jumping the last rock pile!
Ultra 4 stampede Tom Wayes pass for first and CRAZY SAVE - YouTube

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Healy's save in the prelim was nothing short of epic.... glad you caught it....
badass to say the least...
That was definitely badass! I'm glad you got it, and when he finally did pass him, not too bad either :). He had the line down in that rock section, skipped over the whole pile 2 or 3 times.
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