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Hi everyone, pretty new to this kind of stuff so please don't criticize when I do something wrong haha.

I'm working on a 416 Unimog, these machines are not new to me and I do have a small bit of experience with them. not nearly as much as the fellow moggers on this site, but at least enough to help myself along the way. At the moment I'm building it to be able to daily it when I get my license to do so, because I'm still not old enough to be able to drive on the road. I've encountered some problems along the way with fixing it up to get it in a state that I'm able to drive it around at least. the main problem I have is that the engine in it (om352) has an issue as to if it feels like it does not have enough power. I do know that these trucks do not have allot of power, but at this point it feels as if something may be faulty with the injectors or injection pump.

Any help would be gladly appreciated, I know that there are many other people that know more about these trucks than me. (if I made any mistakes in the way I posted please let me know, so it can be prevented in the future. I'm still new to this haha)

Edit: This might become my build thread or ill make another if i find outh a bit more on how this site works, soo watch this space :)

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