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The House Interior Appropriations subcommittee is accepting written
testimony, deadline Monday, April 16th, on matters pertaining to America's
public lands and their funding. We need lots of letters to this
subcommittee, mailed by Thursday, April 12th, to demonstrate the growing
controversy over the Recreation Fee Demo program and the fees it authorizes
for our use of our own public lands.

This subcommittee has, in a nutshell, created and extended Fee Demo so far
- but, due to Republican term limits for subcommittee chairs in the House of
Representatives, Rep. Ralph Regula (R-Ohio), the architect of Fee Demo, is
no longer its chairman.
The new chairman, Rep. Joe Skeen (R-New Mexico), does not have the same
public lands agenda as his predecessor Ralph Regula. It's therefore vitally
important to let Joe Skeen know how unpopular Fee Demo is with the American
people - and to ask for increased recreation funding for the US Forest
Service, so National Forest trails and campgrounds can be adequately
maintained without user fees.
If we demonstrate to Joe Skeen that Fee Demo won't be made permanent
without considerable effort, he may well back off from it!


The House Interior Appropriations subcommittee in Washington DC is accepting
public comments on topics such as the Recreation Fee Demo program, which
authorized National Forest access and user fees. This subcommittee has
been the main backer of Fee Demo, but its new chairman, Rep. Joe Skeen
(R-NM), needs to hear your views. It's our best chance this Spring, to
oppose forest fees. Please respond at once!

The instructions below must be followed closely for your letter to be part
of the record.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Please write a brief letter on 8.5 x 11 paper, and submit
5 unfolded copies (i.e. in a big envelope) to the address below - and mail
them by Thursday, April 12th.

SEND THEM TO: Congressman Joe Skeen, House Interior Appropriations
subcommittee, B-308, Rayburn, Washington DC 20515.

WHAT TO SAY: € Write your name and address clearly
at the top of the page.
€ Please state your opposition to forest fees.
€ Ask the subcommittee to increase Forest Service
recreation budgets by $50 million, to maintain
our National Forest trails & campgrounds without visitor
€ Ask that your letter or card be part of the
record for
Public Witness Testimony on April 16th.

The Interior Appropriations subcommittee will only accept letters on 8.5 x
11 paper, unfolded, with 5 copies of each.

Please forward this e-mail to others who will write. This is the year to end
Fee Demo. We know we still have other letter writing alerts ahead, and we
thank you for your assistance, past, present and future, with the campaign
against forest fees.

Gratefully yours,
Alasdair Coyne,
Conservation Director, KSWC.

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