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URGET!!! Axle nut pitch/thread count

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I cross threaded my shit. Actully the threads on the end of the shaft were smashed. Then it proceeded to cross thread. :mad3: Anyway, I cant go anywhere till I get a new nut, and I need my truck to get one! :rolleyes: Its a 97 1500 d44.
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can't help you man, but learn from this experience and buy a set of dies. ;)
I have a set of taps and dies. They just don't go that big. :shaking:
Total Distorsion said:
I have a set of taps and dies. They just don't go that big. :shaking:
How bad is the nut F'd up? Any chance you could fix the threads on the axleshaft with a thread file and then use the old nut? I'd help out but I have a 2500 :(
Naw, its the nut itself. All the threads are flat. The stub shaft seems to be ok.
Ok I got it all buttoned up. I went to the stealership and got a new nut.$22.09 plus tax! :eek: Oh well. I got my file out and went to work on the stub shaft and we're good to go now. While I was at it I tighted up the other side, and wow what difference tight wheel bearings make. Kinda rides like a Cadillac. :grinpimp:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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