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UROC ranking list is up at UROC.com

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Toytek is right, teams can step down from PRO to Extreme if they like. Can't do both, though a pro driver can spot in extreme.

I thought I saw that you could pay up front with CC but I'll have to check on that.

It is sad that some of us can't race "EROCC" if we go PRO, it is a lot of fun there and it is closer to home- that's life I guess.

Neuroc is still around and I'm betting it will grow this yr.

There is a cool series in Hot Springs, AR as well for the east coast guys- some of the EROCC guys came to the last one and had a blast (took first and second too)

ChrisPy said:
tell us more about this hot springs series....
4 events last yr, at the superlift park, small, casual, some sponsor money- top winner got a little over 5k from events and series. First day is woods racing on the stop clock, hill climbs and fast twisty courses. 2nd day is rocks courses. Gates set up pretty wide. Was a lot of fun. BFG, Superlift, O'Reilly's were invovled and some local shops too.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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