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UROC ranking list is up at UROC.com

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This is the worst thing that could happen to this sport. The entire intrigue of it in the first place was that the average joe could compete. Now you have to be in the elite few who had the blessed timming of being in some of the first comps. (From my understanding.) I was about to start a buggy, too. I see why they ahd to do it. If everyone from last year wants to come back, and so do new people, some people are going to have to be left out. But I disagree with this decision.

So how much do I have to spend to get on the waiting list? And if I don't get to compete, do I get that back, or is it just lost in exchange for the priveledge of being on the list of people who might someday be allowed to compete?

J. J.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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