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UROC ranking list is up at UROC.com

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from the "middle of the pack" persepective, at least on the east side, nothing much has changed. its more expensive by almost $550, but, we are still running the same 4 comps we ran last year, AND, with shupe, blume, myers, durham and other high budget teams in the "pro's", our chances at a money finish have actually increased in the extreme east series.

also, on the east side, as a newbie team last year, we had to wait on the waiting list untill the previous years competitors had ponied up, and, once the deadline was over, we all had equal chance to get our spot.

so, unless youve been moved to the pros on the east side, nothing really has changed except the 50% price increase.

my biggest gripe is that they dragged ass on getting the list and rules out for 2 months, and then told us we have 4 weeks basically to get our money in. many of us were holding off on spending the big dollars on our rigs, and have familys and chrismas to think about and pay for... and to drop $800-$1500 into a pot and let it sit untill april kinda sucks. would be nice to see that moved to mid february to give people a chance to get thier rigs paid for and Christmas paid for.
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tell us more about this hot springs series....
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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