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UROC ranking list is up at UROC.com

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tell us more about this hot springs series....
RedBullJeep said:
Erocc is gone with UROC taking them over, but I heard that Neuroc is still alive and kickin...anyone else know for sure?

Tenative dates have been set with a womens competition as well.
I heard Rumor a while back that we would be going to this format. My question is :
Will You have to work to keep that Pro ranking?
If You do not finish in the top 75% will you get the boot down the ladder?
This would open spots for the stars that shine in the semi pros and give them a chance to knock guys down the ladder.
I think that this system could work, I think its just a little hard to drink a full glass of it all at one time.
My .02 is that they should have let it be a free for all this year as far as standings with the known ruling that if You don't make the top driver ranking you will get bumped next year. This would have given anyone interested the same chance.( I know the long time teams would have still done well)

One more:
What is up with sportsmen classes.
Where are they gonna find the time to have events just for that, and what club would want the liabilty.

Edit: Looks like Calrocs and Prorock will do well this year, while Uroc gets this worked out.
ChrisPy said:
tell us more about this hot springs series....
4 events last yr, at the superlift park, small, casual, some sponsor money- top winner got a little over 5k from events and series. First day is woods racing on the stop clock, hill climbs and fast twisty courses. 2nd day is rocks courses. Gates set up pretty wide. Was a lot of fun. BFG, Superlift, O'Reilly's were invovled and some local shops too.
ok, so i'm searching around and haven't been able to find when the application and series fee's are due by..
ChrisPy said:

the front page only say's corrections must be in by the 22nd
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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