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vent lines

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so my truck is done, to my standards and i'd like to take my maiden voyage tomorrow but ineed to pick up the vent lines for my 700r4 and my np028 tcase but no one near me has the size in stock or even the knowledge of what one is (dmc chevy in westwood) so does anyone know the size of the tubing so i can just go to a hardware store or something?

if it matters, its an 87 chevy 1/2 ton.
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just measure for the size of the vent tube and than go to home depot and get the clear plastic tubing in the plumbing department and some small hose clamps
pretty sure its all 3/8 inch tubing that fits over it. you can go to autozone and buy fuel line. if you want to be really paranoid just go there and tell them to snip you off like a 1/4 of a few sizes so you can size it up
I just use vac line on my stuff. It's cheap and works fine as a vent line.
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