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Hi all.

Is there a recommended/ball park guide as to what horizontal separation you should aim for with lower links when designing a linked suspension system?
I'm designing one at the moment but I'm concerned about not having enough width to keep the axle under control and without having to fit massive lower links to take the added leverage. The problem is I want to keep the truck overall width to about 6"10, but with 42" tires and 49° steering it doesn't leave a lot of room...

Also, there's obviously the 25% of tire height for vertical separation. If running portal axles, should the axle drop be taken into account as that too adds leverage. So maybe for a 42" tire, on a 6" drop axle, count the tire as 48" tall? Vertical separation should then be 12" instead of 10.5".

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.
on your lowers, most go a wide as you can at the axle but still turn your wheels as needed, obviously the more you triangulate it to the center of your frame, and the shorter the link, the easier this is.

As to verticle seperate the more the better to an extent, 25% rule is good. That being said, if you were to have the lower link on your portal below the axle tube, it would certain help reduce the force of the portable acting like a big lever on axle and joints.
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