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I tried to sell this here earlier this year. Things did not work out.

I am pretty motivated to sell and would consider alot of trading materials etc. I am also interested in selling this outright.

Things that I would be interested in for trades include:

Honda 200-350X Three-wheeler-must be very nice and titled.
Dual-purpose motorcycle-Honda Xl or Yamaha XT type-Titled and nice
Jeep CJ-5 Hardtop 76-83
Mopar cars or parts such as Plymouth Duster, or Dart Sport etc.
Jeep CJ-5 /Willys projects or parts
Toyota Build-up parts-5.29's or Lockers etc.
35-42" tires in good shape

Make an offer in good faith and it can go.........

The truck is a 1949 B-1 Power Wagon. The Cab and title match VIN #'s. The title is clear and in my name from the state of Oregon.

The frame is earlier, I think it was a 46. So it has had some things swapped around in its day.

It has a 318 Poly V8 swapped in. They did not butcher the firewall to install it.

It is largely complete and not rotten at all. The engine turns over with a wrench, and as far as I can tell the major mechanical stuff is there. There is no key, but it looks like a battery and some work and you could get it to turn over.

The cab is quite decent and not abused etc. or rotten/rusted etc.

Windshield frame looks good as well.

It appears that it was a project that was either running and driving and then they started to tear it down. Or it was a project that was almost done and not completed.

Please keep in mind, this is a non-running truck that is almost 60 years old. It is a project, and there may be some issue that I have not mentioned etc. For obvious reasons, I would be selling it as-is.

If you are looking for a project vintage PowerWagon that is not rotten etc. this may be the way to go.


Location: The truck is located in southern Oregon, near Chiloquin. Basically one hour north of OR/CAL border.

Shipping: I can't deliver it, so it will need to be picked up. Priority will be given to cash in hand buyers with a truck in my yard.

Pics available for seriously interested people.

Email me at: radjad (at) gotsky.com

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Part trade or full for a factory built double axle trailer. Something like a 16 x8 titled car trailer???

Or possibly 38-44" tires in the 15" rim sizes.

I prefer Gumbo Monster Mudders or Dick Cepek tires.

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