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This is a series 2 Vision Phoenix 1212 Rotary engraver and controller. I am running the newest Vision pro 9 software (same as Engravelab 9) It can rotary engrave or diamond drag many media types. I have been using it for anodized aluminum G.I. style dog tags.

It will come ready to go in an Anvilfly road case. So basically take off the doors plug in 1 cord and your ready to engrave.

It will come with the multi sticky mat, versa vise, multi pin clamp and pins, inventory of tags, brush, tool, shorter stachions to lower table, folding table that stores in the door and plastic cases. I may have forgot something but will update if I come up with more.

It will also come with a punch press kit with 2 dies and all inventory as well as other software. It will also include for this kit a lightly used Canon photo printer. I have about $800 wrapped up in this part of it and basically just throwing it in with the engraver. I will not separate to sell or to lower price. We got this to use for a school project for our son that didn't work out like we thought it would.

What I am looking for is a trade, but will sell for cash. New the engraver alone with no computer or any of the extras that I am including would run $12,000 or more depending on options. Yes mine is 2 series behind the new one but the only differences between mine and the new is that mine does not have the "pre job" red laser and is a hair slower and doesn't have the fancy hand held controller. But mine will hold its own against the new doing just about everything!

I am asking $8,000 OBO as with most hobbies you never get out what you put in it but that is ok.

What I am looking for in trade is a vehicle. Here is a few of interest but not going to limit my self to just these and will consider all offers. Just let me know what you might have.

1987-1991 GMC/Chevy crew cab truck to tow with cross country
94-97 Ford crew cab truck to tow with cross country
1 ton passenger van to tow with cross country
Square body Chevy SWB
K5 blazer
Street motorcycle
Classic 60's car
Aircooled VW

I know this is not auto related but this is a cool video of the smaller machine than mine doing a nice engraving job on a slide. So you can see this type of machine in action.

See pics here
Library Slideshow by llsvegas | Photobucket

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