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Hi my first Pirate Post.

I'm(we my wife and I) from Malaysia - most people call me GECKO (my nice neighbour he just calls the police hahaah) due to the large GECKO tatto I have on my arm. We (yes she told me to buy it or she would leave me) have acquired a C304 (4 wheel model only) and in the process of restoring it.

As we pulled it out of the storage park with my BJ75 on 26/07/2010. It was not running but would tick over.

The BJ75 struggled to pull it it appears the brakes we frozen on.

Onto the tow truck and down to a performance tuning shop hahaha.

Once they removed the spiders and cobwebs from the tank it started.

Then they changed all the fluids.

But they could not fix the brakes so I made decision to do the DISC conversion first before the rust treatment.

I drove it around at nite for 2-3 weeks testing it out - without brakes and only using the gears and handbrake. I learnt what was good and bad in the truck and what needed fixing. Now I have a 40+ item list to attend to.

Then 20 August 2010 I took it to the hospital (escorted by the magnificient BJ75) which was entertaining saw this on the way out. Oh yeah I burnt off a 22R powered LC II on the way up a hill it could not pass until the downhill part hahha.

This is it after being washed and driven for a few weeks. Mr Grumpy my neighbour hates it and all 4x4's the other neighbours in the street think its neat including the ("SIR") who I took his kids for a run in it now he wants to book a jungle trip with me.

The interesting one is my car illiterate neighbour she I quote "that engine sounds so sweet" its nicer than my Honda. Then where is that big beautiful 4x4 on sunday she asked.

Then the serious stuff removing all 4 wheels and portals - yeah yeah that's me working on the Jalopy.

Me working on the last wheel. The mekanik did 1 I did 3. Not bad for my first ever attempt at working on a Vovlo and no manual either.

7 hours later a A stack of portals

Once that was done it was over to the BJ75 and pulled the WARN 8274 out of it it has water in it :( and the new axle to be fitted and a new knuckle this week and new leaf spring bushes and it also has a brake problem.

We are going to put on in this round of fixes:
1. LC II Front Discs front and rear as this is a part which is readily available.
2. Install the WARN 12,000lb winch for REAR recoveries
3. Fix the taillights with LED lights
4. Fix the indicators
5. Fit new headlight wiring and H4 halogen bulbs and new reflectors
6. New radiator hoses and break hoses.
7. Battery Rack for 2 solar batteries and 2 120amp batteries and a 150AMP Alternator.

Once we
So thats my intro. I will post up stories as I slowly restore it.
The rest of the truck is STOCK.

I have previously been in (and out) a C304 during the RFC2007 when we got flooded and I was in the BJ75 in the same small convoy of 6 of us. I know what it can do - awesome. I cannot wait to take mine offroad here.

I also own a:
Toyota LC II - 13B-T monster very jungle ready
Toyota LC II 1KZ auto handbag jungle car
Toyota BJ75 - jungle ready
ISUZU pickup and

My favourite is the BJ75.

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20 August 2008

Pictures of the project.

Latest status is POTRALs with DISCS being assembled and fitted this coming week.

Rewiring of HEADLIGHTS, REAR lights and INdicators being done this week along with new fuse boxes.

Rear 12,000 WARN WInch being installed sometime this week also but not wired up thats my job later.

Maybe it might be ready to roll out of the workshop this week then it will be driven for a week before going to get the RUSTed front removed and replaced.

Fixed the passenger door lock up on saturday *_*

The portals being fitted with DISCS and BEARINGS

The finished product.

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22 August 2010

Well after waiting almost 5-6 weeks brakes are done and more mods done.

Came out of workshop with new disc brakes working but not well so new master pump seal kit and strip and rebuild the vacuum pump and hoses and wow they work very well long soft travel.

It's now boasting Landcruiser II Front Calliper and new rotors and Mitsubishi Pajero rear discs. but its not stopping well.

Took it to a workshop and they stripped the master cylinder fitted a new seal kit and stripped the 10 tonne Hino vaccum cylinder and repaired it and wow they told me it had brakes again. Not bad for a MAYANMA mekanik who got instructions from the cantonese mekaink I told in broken english who only speaks Cantonese and I used bahasa and english and cantonese to explain what was wrong :) to him hahaha.

New air filter box fitted and vacuum lockers are to be swapped this week for air as cannot buy the rubber seals here :(

Its Almost ready for a trip to the jungle.

The new look with 6 stud FORD rims :(

Front Wheels now offset an additional 60mm with the FORD rims :(

Offset from the hub to the edge of the tire hs now widened the track 60mm each side.

The brakes in the Volvo are now AWESOME is all I can say long soft Travel and powerful extremely impressive for its weight and considering its a truck.

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1 November 2010

First offroad trip a shakedown run last Sunday

Spent all Sunday afternoon changing the two engine fan belts don't ask its a prick of a job as the alternator has been changed previously then we noticed the belts etc do not line up the alternator is 3-4mm out :( . This needs to be fixed in the coming weeks.

Then we changed the radiator hoses as they had RUST in them. Then we tested out that mighty PTO winch yup it worked also.

By 5.00pm we are ready to go to the jungle Ulu Slim some 90k away from Kuala Lumpur.

By the time we headed into the jungle its gettting dark. Stupid us but we really wanted to test it out.

At the first steel bridge we take the creek and yes we got stuck as the Volvo stalled as it was missing under 2000rpm as I crossed the river.

Then we were stuck no way back and no way forwards and by ourselves duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then we realise only 2WD is working and we have no front drive :(

Cleaned out a rock or two from behind and then we reversed out and then drove over the creek at a faster speed hahaha. Up the hill and it was very slippery wet and muddy we decided to turn for home.

Then we only had high beam and a missing truck under 2000rpm.

Back home at 4000rpm down the highway with only high beam.

Home at 9.30 after driving flat out at 4000 rpm at 80k for the 90k home hahaha.

The perspex windows need to be replaced before it can go out at nite again its too hard to see out the front windows.

Monday Arvo Dropped the Volvo back to the workshop at Lunchtime to find out why the front axle not engaging and picked up the Landcruiserr II and drove it back to work the first time I had driven the Landcruiser in 5 days. They also to remove the radiator and flush it .

On the way to work.

1. WHats that long green thing in front - oh year a bonnet.
2. WHy do the brakes feel so heavy (and GREEN is a delight to drive) to push
3. Why does the steering wheel feel so vertical and FAT?
4. WHy does it not stop as good as the Volvo
5. Oh shit almost hit that car the brakes need too much pressure to work hahaha
6. Steering feels heavy even with power steering
7. Hey its got window wipers why do I need them
8. The Volvo sits better on the road - ooops whats wrong with me hahaha.
9. Damn where is that music coming from - oh really its got a stereo.
10. Wow its cool in here that airconditioning stuff really is cool.
11. Why do the front windows not open forwards and let air in?

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10 October 2010 Next Update

New tempered glass in the front window and the perspex ones tossed away wahooo now I can see driving at night. now need new wiper motors are they Volvo or LR items can someone tell me?

Rear doors had new latches fitted so the doors no longer open by themselves.

Now I have to fix the PTO its slipping under load.

Next is either diesel conversion or high ratio diffs or the bus factory for rust removal not sure which depends which one I can afford first :)

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Volvo Update 1 July 2011

After driving it for 6 months withalmost no incidents its a daily driver for a while.

Mods that have been done.

  • Rear facing WARN M12000 winch installed and removed so the winch motor can be repaired.
    PTO Fixed and running
    200liter (50 GALLON) fuel tank installed.
Well after much mucking around and people loosing sketches and plans of the Volvo I have finally found commitment to get the cabin restored and then the rear cabin.

3 weeks time it goes into a workshop to have the front of the truck repaired or replaced - replaced is what I want.

Options to be done are twin headlights and get the front read for an intercooler. Radio console to be installed - hydrualic steering to be installed

The truck is now a daily driver after the carby rebuild and here is it in recent action with 2,200kg of drinks in it at a charity event for work.

Next weekend it ventures into the jungle for a charity trip and will have 500 rubber plant sapling in the rear for a 52kilometer trip one way and a 80+kilometer trip back out.

However it broke down last nite (right after the end of working night shift on the KL Marathon) looks like coil failure so I have to go retrieve it today.

After the cabin rebuild they are going to make a ALLOY rear cabin with rollcage etc in it and a few other options to turn it into a camper/rollout kitchen/utility jungle truck as it has a date with the RAINFOREST challenge 2011 in December and its not going to miss it and it will have a 13B-T engine installed also. Currently we are building up my spare 13B-T engine which has been sitting on the shop floor for 3 years. A new head has been found all we need now is a fuel pump and then we will rebuild the whole engine from scratch and yes find a TURBO as the other one was donated to the scrap heap.

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27 July 2011

Yahoo and Boohoo - this weekend is the big day for the Volvo its off tot he hospital for the rust removal from the front of the cabin and a few other mods.

1. Rust removal
2. Creation of a cage for VHF radio and stereo
3. Air conditioning installation
4. Rollcage external
5. Recaro Seats will be removed and replaced
6. possibly redo the cabin interior in CANVAS not paint.
7. Hydraulic steering
8. Relocation of the vaccum brake kit from the rear cabin to underneath.
9. upgrade lighting - LED Lights | Off Road LED Light Bars | Military L E D Lighting | Defense L.E.D. Lights | Agriculture LED Lighting | Marine LED Lights | Mining LEDs | Landscape L.E.D Light | Police LED Lights | Fire Rescue LED | Rigid Industries lights coming etc.
10. LED lights for interior
11. airtight it from the engine bay heat

once finished stage 2 - pics as we progress.

1. rebuild of the rear cabin
2. build one in ALLOY with
3. Drop sides
4. front half will have rollout drawers for the rollout kitchen and spares.
5. raise roof 12-18"
6. install solar charger
7. add two 200amp batteries for winch.
8. add new 12,000 front facing winch as a spare.
9. add two 145 liter fuel tanks and remove the recently installed 200 liter tank.
10. roll out awning to roll out either side for a 20'*30' tarp.
and a few more goodies including LED lights

so two months off the road coming up.

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31 July 2011

Sunday Nite at the workshop and the rust is revealed

3 months I cannot wait.

There is a lot of RUST from the floor to the front window only where it was stored the rain poured in on this part only :) . The floor was starting to collapse so it had to be repaired now before it fell while I was driving it as the cabin cross member on the chassis had also rusted away :( oops.

Also someone stuck sponge in the inside of the doors I assume for sound proofing and it appears to be attracting moisture and hence rust.

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20 August 2011

Progress report

It's all apart : ( took them the first two weeks

The rear cab removed
The front top of the cabin removed
The front bottom of the cabin removed.

They have pressure hosed eveything and the engine and gearbox out today to have the engine replaced with a 15B Hino Diesel which we will add a turbo and intercooler separately.

Anyone done a 15B conversion here? I know in West Malaysia they do a 14B-T conversion and H55F gearbox - at present I planning to keep the existing gearbox and hope it can handle the torque from the diesel if not I replace it with a H55F also. THis is the specs of the 15B-T which is what the end result will be.

Since 1995 this engine has powered the mighty MegaCruiser.
* displacement: 4104 cc 4CYL
* injection: turbo direct
* horsepower: 155 (114kw) at 3200 rpm
* torque: 288 ft-lbs (382N.m) at 1800 rpm
* valves: 16 ohv
* bore and stroke 108 and 112mm respectively

Shocks being measured up so I can order a very nice set of shocks from amadaextreme.com if they can make one big enough :) .

Chassis is now being stripped and we are going to sandblast and paint it the final colour :)

I am looking at painting it this colour

Tamiya Color Spray Paints and colour number TS-46 Light Sand

which is of course one of the usa desert storm colours as close a match as I can get. Can anyone else give me a colour code so I can give it to the painter :)

I can paint my truck military colours but not malaysian army colours :)

Today I go to collect the 18,500lb electric which I have put a deposit on :) it runs 24Volt so the Volvo is going to be converted to 24Volts which will not be an issue as the 15B engine is probably going to be 24volts anyway.

Pictures coming soon..

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25 August 2011

as it looks now 2 weeks into the restore

A close up of the damage to the front

My drivers floor - ooops Flinstone brakes hahaaha


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28 August 2011

Thanks for the offer but its in good hads - Damn an OZZIE engineering company and he is doing the work - how can we trust the OZZIES they took the america's cup from the americans and lost t to those pesky KIWIS and then cannot beat the ALL BLACKS at rugby for almost 8 years - hahhaa roll onthe world rugby cup.

I got an SMS from the engineer - "The volvo ICU situation is critical but can be cured with TLC and money".

The Volvo Cabin is STEEL


I loaded up the new seats and the now repaired 12,000lb winch and wait for it the 18,500lb winch I acquired to military specs :) - my my my what a fool but I could not resist it its going to be mounted to be the spare front pulling winch if the Volvo ever gets reaaly stuck and the PTO dies :) :) :) . I also found the headlight grills and its all being delivered to the engineering shop I hope tonite so I get my first look at it stripped as they wanna talk to me about where the relocated fuse boxes etc are to be located and the radios and the stereo and how the sounds proofing is to be done. The location of the 18,500kg winch is yet to be decided but I want it under the rear but my friends want it in the front and VISIBLE - damn thing is so heavy I cannot even pic it up without help :) . At 18,000lb I can pull wait for it 4 LWB Landcruiser II's with a SWB Landcruiser II on the end just for fun hahaha - haha 12,000lb DING DONG winch who needs one hahahahahahahaha. The WARN winch 12,000 which was busted and 4WD system shop would not look at till september has been repaired by 4x4 SHoppe and is now running . It is also being converted to 24V soon still costing a new motor.

The whole volvo is being converted to 24V except the instruments.

The cabin also needs to be cut to accommodate the 14B-T - that damn pesky turbo gets in the way

I bought the engine friday - while the 3.0 Petrol engine and gearbox was out I thought DAMIT toss it and replace with a diesel as the cabin needs mods to fit - Toyota 14B-T and not a 15B I decided $17,000rm+++ for a 15B (total modified cost) and then turbo'd and manifold etc was too much so went down the already turboed path of the trusty and proven 14B-T (3660cc) in line 4CYL diesel with this engine I should pull 8k+ Litre rather than the 4k I get around town and 5.2k on the highway and the diesel torque is what I am really after :) Before anyone asks the Toyota 1HZ and 1HD not even in the picture they start at $20,000rm ++ for a well used unit :(

The new diffs arrive from the UK (The House Of Flying Spanners ::) this week I hope with the 5.99 ratio and the diesel will have no problem pulling it along.

I will find the 14B-T specs later as they are rather elusive on the web only the 14B specs avail and the turbo has was more grunt than that.

More pics later tonite or tomorrow depending when I visit the baby in ICU in IPOH.

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28 August 2011

Picture time.

Drivers side repair almost completed

Front view almost all completed

Passenger side almost all completed

The PTO levers used to be here not sure where they going next but not here the 14B-T will melt the hoses.

The roof surprised me full of little holes :(

Police grills are going they are rust magnets

The sexy naked chassis

Next set of pics the cabin will be painted and back on the chassis with the 14B-T underneath I hope.

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18 September 2011

I saw the Volvo yesterday

Cabin fully completed and sat back on the Chassis.

Chassis and cabin wired brushed and no more rust found :)

14B-T engine dropped off for installation to replace the B30A engine . 14B-T is 3660CC 4 cyl turbo diesel from Toyota (Hino/Diahatsu). Its 5" shorter than the B30A and a lot heaver - does anyone know the B30A weight the 14B-T is approx 375KG.

All "holes" and been welded up.

Air cond vents installed and air cond grill installed

New Dash is now to be constructed with PTO levers and all winch controls located on the old area above the radioator cover. New radiator cover also made to keep the hot air out.

Rear cabin is not going back on and to be replaced by an all ALLOY tray to save weight we estimate 400kg+ saved.

Seat positions checked and sorted.

Radio and stereo and GPS console to be installed

External ROllcage design and size agreed.

Intellitronix DASH to be installed. - Sacrilige - yes im tossing the original DASH its fot 3 sets of instruments in it so we going to function and simplicity - unless someone knows a better dash I can use?


Power steering to be installed soon - unfortunately from a FORD

Mercedes brake booster installed under the steering wheel and all other brake stuff tossed.

Two electric winches layed out and ready to install on 8 MM plate and will hang upside down from the chasis just behind the PTO.

Fuel tank (150L or 37Gallons being designed) for left side underneath basically I have 22"*12"*42" to fit a tank in (or 55cm*30*107) minus a bit of anglin will give me 150-170 liters) - 3 Batteries to be installed on right side. Air intake to be sneaked out the right side by the rear drivers window with possibly a Toyota Air Box etc fitted.

Pictures later when I get them of the camera later today.

The truck looks so good I just wanna drive it now and its only a shell I just cannot believe the transformation.

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visit pictures from 17 September 2011

If you have ever watched on of those shows where they strip a jaloppy and rebuild it the shop looks just like that :(

Cabin back on until it needs to be cut for the 14B-T

Front all repaired or replaced rusty parts with thicker gauge steel.

One of the two electric winches to be installed beside the PTO - One forwards and one facing backwards.

From the rear the back of the cabin restored the rust now all gone.

The roof all repaired and wired brushed down

The front right side all fixed and air cond radiator installed

Left front side all repaired and ready

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Drivers side seat sitting for me to get checked out and yes new seat is lower so more headroom.

Old engine meet

New engine

Air cond vents being setup and new radiator cover.

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25 September 2011

I not sure how many are following this thread but more progress

It's back to being a DUNE buggy

The engine and gearbox ready to be lowered into place again for the 14B-T Engine mounts to be welded in place. Sump needs to be cut a little to accommodate the front drive shaft. See the PTO on the REAR right (farest wheel) above which will sit the two electric winches.

The buggy from the rear with the WInch plate ready to mount the rear facing WARN M12,000 and the T-MAX 18,500 for forward operations. THe REAR pintel hood has been removed/relocated and will be lifted to give more ground clearance for dropping into rivers etc.

Maybe another month and it will be finished.

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9 November 2011

CURRENT STATUS battery box for the 24 volt batteries made and the 12v volt battery box is there but not so visible. That's a 12v 48KG battery sitting in the tray to show it all fits :) - will be covered this week also (to stop the frigging thieves taking them) and a fuel tank being made for the left hand side more progress to report in 2 weeks as Brett has been away at 4x4 Rain Forest Challenge Sri Lanka so all work stopped on it.

Engine now in place on new engine mounts.

Long discussion on ROLL CAGE etc and positioning of SOLAR battery and they 12V battery box.

New hinges made for engine cover so it no longer slides out and fills the cabin with hot air.

Power steering filler mounted in a easy to get to place

Intercooler purchased and ready to mount (very nice unit will take pic when in place) to fit behind the passenger cabin seat and has own fan etc built in.

Custom 3 core radiator to come from the USA as the local builder decided to build us something we did not want and offerred us a $100rm ($30usd) discount and was told to stick the poorly made radiator back in his car and leave - fool lost out on 3 as we needed the same one for 2 other trucks hahaha fool.

Fuel tank to be build this week on left hand side some 170-200+ liters (40-50US Gallons) and construction of the roll cage will commence and the bar for the harness seat belts to be made and fitted also.

12volt Alternator to also be fitted next week.

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21 December 2011

Long time since update

Brett the builder has been in Sri Lanka at the SRI LANKA RFC 2011 and then we both at Malaysian RFC 2011 so there is 20+ days gone

Here is latest progress fuel tank built 180 Liters approx (45 US Gallons) with 5 liter internal tank. Steel frame to be built around it also.

Battery box is complete no pic :(

Roll cage is now being started.

PIcs after XMAS as I have my WEDDING Chinese TEA Saturday so no time to visit the Volvo in the workshop.

I am trying to get it ready for an 4x4 EVENT in 23-24 February where it will be BOSS recovery truck :)

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28 December 2011

The builder rung me today after I asked him if he could locate the radiator behind the CABIN.

Yes is his answer and he likes it as then no MUD can ever clog up the RADIATOR and it will be located beside the INTERCOOLER also :) and we can put a BIGGER radiator in now also.

A scoop now to be put on the roof pulling air down behind the CABIN and all protected by the ROLL CAGE :)

This is what gave me the idea - thanks KAMAZ. Their's is out the side

He is too busy to work on the Volvo he has a BIG trailer order and he is currently fixing up his 4x4 LandRover rally car (making it V6 3.0 TURBO NISSAN powered) for an event in FEBRUARY which I am playing RESCUE for (I wanted the VOlvo finished but ALAS it will now not be ready.

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13 February 2012

Went down to the workshop saturday to discuss whats left to do and the issues with this. ANy feedback on the ruining of the oriignal POLICE look is welcomed.
1. External "roofrack" sorted out (roof rack here as external rolll cages not allowed. I'm going to loose 6" behind the CABIN (this is a CAB/TRAY vehicle as delivered to the Malaysian Police).
2. The Radiator is being mounted on the LEFT Rear of the CABIN scoop from roof to pull air down. Radiator from USA to be imported. This when mounted will give me 4'10" of MUD before the MUD touches the RADIATOR :)
3. Intercooler to be mounted on the RIGHT side same height same reason and the AIR cond condensor also.
4. REAR canopy to be made of ALLOY over steel frame. front 1/2 of the rear will be a raised PLATFORM of approx 19" to allow 4 military boxes per side to be slipped in. Left side will have a slide out DRAWER for the COOKERS. The rest on the same side will have drop down panel for kitchen PREP. exactly same as I have in my TOYOTA TROOPy now so we know this design works.
5. The side panel for this side will be lift UP (from below the fuel TANK) to provide shelter to cook under and gas struts to hold up
The other 1/2 of the left side will be DROP SIDE and lift up and out for shade etc
6. The RIGHT side will be drop sides and lift up doors with gas struts.
7. The area between cab and chassis on right will hold recovery STRAPS and recovery kit and possibly the highlift JACK.
8. The rear will be swing down twin SPARES and drop rear and lift up and or off door for kayaks etc to stick out of.
9. The front where the Radiator used to be will be 40 liter water TANK (and pump to kitchen area) and a 12V SOlar battery and will be blocked. The built in fan from the intercooler will provide the air movement under the gearbox etc.
10. SOlar PANEL on the roof.
11. Inside cabin sound proofed and im looking at GREEN canvas over 6mm marine ply to finish it with nice fastenings (quick release). STereo and VHF radio and GPS etc and of course AIR COND.
12. 5MM alloy 5 bar checker plate for the rear floor. SInce I have over 200lb of winches (3 winches) sitting over rear axle saving weight is cruicial 8)
13. LED lights all 12V.

14. Paint job will not be military look due to ever driving it through southern Thialand I may become a target for the militants
Basically I can pack everything under the platform in 8 military boxes head off to the jungle and it will look empty in the rear :)

It's going to end up looking like a DAKAR truck reminiscent of the VOlvo 1983 entry :)

due to be finished 15 April 2012.
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