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W.E.ROCK Cedar City, UT
Western U.S. Nationals Event Three, June 21-22

Written by Andy Johnson
Photos by Andy Johnson and England Photography
Coverage brought to you by MAXXIS Tires.
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Updates will begin soon!!!


Well it is another great day here in Cedar City, Utah. The judges finished watching the excellent training video W.E. Rock put together. The video should really help the judges have a better understanding of what's going on because Dustin is actually walking around and demonstrating each area the drivers can get acquire points.

This weekend we have have a total of 20 Pro-Mods, 8 Unlimiteds, 10 Ftoy's and only 5 Mod Stocks. It really seems as though the class's are starting to separate themselves out and the Pro-mods and Ftoy class seem to be the place to be.


Team Marlin Crawler just rolled over on C3 and timed out before they could get it righted.

Weston Blackie timed out over on B3

Shannon and Nick Campbell are now up on B3.

On B2 Dave Cole in his Longfield sponsored Pro-mod rig is lined up and ready to go.

Troy Bailey is burning off a few dollars of rubber on B2 trying to get the rearend moved over a few inches.

Looks like the Front Range Ftoy is getting a little crossed up over on C4.


Ok, if Nicole Johnson ever offers you an energy drink be sure you are comfortable with your manhood because she will hand you one of these:

Pink Beverage can Drink Energy drink Tin can

At least its sugar-free lol.

I am really working with the sound guy to get me a radio feed I can use. Damn, it just doesn't matter how much you test it at home it just doesn't want to go at the event.

The first pinch on C2 is really giving the Stock Mods trouble. It ate a Toyota and Those Gals just had to really work to get through it.

Hal Frost is now up on B3. He must have something going on with his passenger front tire because Little Rich, Brad Lovell and others are all around looking at it.

Team FU2 just completed B4 and now another Ftoy is sitting on it's drivers side.

Dale Cole just put down the best run of the day so far on B3.

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UPDATE 11:15

Gleeds Boys Offroad are mixing it up on C2. They have successfully got through pinch and trying to get the rig turned for the next set of cones, but it just doesn't want to turn.

In the background of C2 Cody Waggoner just came flying down the exit gate on A3.

Team BNS Fab looks to be hung up on B3 and not moving. I am pretty sure they timed out.

RockRunner Racing is backing out of the exit gates on B3 and looks to have put down a nice run.

Team Trailgear is over on A2 lining up for the big climb and walks it with out any trouble at all.

Bruzz Bronsema is all set to go on B2

Dave Schnieder just went by shaking his head. I have a feeling he didn't have a good run. At least the newly repainted buggy probably looked good doing it and those new Alloy axles didn't let him down!

Seems as though Hal Frost fixed the leaky tire and starting into B3. I must say the new paint job on his Twisted Custom rig looks very nice.


Well that paint job on Hal's rig looked good right up until the point he ripped the rear quarter panel off on B3. After working around the very tight corner is breezed through the rest of the course.

Ok, Buzz just put down a 20 on B3 and now Brad and Roger Lovell are up and will do their best to lay down a lower score.

Glancing over to B1 I see the Redbull RockHer coming in and out of view.

Jesse Haines is working the rearsteer over on A2 trying to defend his previous Cedar City win.

WOW Brad is in a really tough spot on B3. I will be amazed if they can pull it off with out rolling. Well they won't have to worry about rolling because it seems they have a fuel pickup problem and have to call for recovery.

Dean Bolluch is using his normal crawling technique on B4.

Team Fred is backing into B3.

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The FU2 Ftoy of Mark Carter and Phillip Barum are up on C4.

Those Gals are spewing some major water on C2. To bad it's coming out of the radiator because a nice cool dip sounds good right now!

Nicole and Frank Johnson of Johnson Motorsports are up on B2. They are really taking them time getting lined up for climb and is really going to make the rest of the course tough.

Carl Nelson just made a very nice save on B3. He was stuffed on his driverside but with a little twist of the wheel and little throttle he popped right back up on all 4.

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UPDATE 12:00

Nicole Johnson just completed B2 with maybe a half second to spare.The time they used at the start of the course almost came back to bite them, but they made it!

Becca just had a very interesting run on B1. On one of the down hill sections the throttle cable stuck full throttle!! Yikes. She made it through the rest of the course by starting the rig and shutting it down. Talk about determination!!

Mike Klensin just came out the exit gate on B3 with a nice big smile, so I think he put a nice run.

Local boys Troy Bailey and Travis Heslington are starting in B3.

Desert Fab is making pretty quick work on B2 and already lining up to back down through the exit gates with about 5 minutes left on the clock.

The father and son combo of Mike and Jacob Wright are over working their way through C1.


The newly engaged couple, Wade Cameron and Kim Jensen, just finished C2 with a very respectable 33.

Ricky Mooneyham just rolled off the climb on A2.

Brett Porter and Flash, Flash please doesn't flash us, are up on C2.

Ouch!! With a loud bang Jason Willis put his rig upside down in the little canyon on B2.

Dave Cole in a strange spot on B3 and just like that they settled it right back down are lining up for the climb.

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UPDATE 12:50

Oh no it looks like the Front Range sponsored Ftoy just lost a tire on C2 and had to call it and pull of the cures.

Becca got the throttle cable fixed up and walked through B2 fairly easy.

The Lovell brothers are now getting their Fabtech rig lined up on B3. Lets see if they can regain some ground they lost with that costly fuel issue on B2.

It's Pete Mazzoni's turn on B2 is hoping to miss the left hand cone by st rattling the large crack.


Wow, Pete just had he just really thrashed on the rig to complete the course.

If though it sounded like the rig was still having a bit of fuel trouble the Lovell brothers were able to finish up B3 with a 3. They should be sitting really good if they can continue to match their score to the course number.

Andrew Paulson just used a bit to much throttle on A2 and spun his buggy right onto the roof.

The pink flamed Ftoy of Wright Racing is up on C2.

Nicole Johnson just pulled into B3 and will be in the tough canyon very shortly. The canyon has been either eating rigs up or they pass right through it.

I hear tons of throttle but no movement out of Rick Mooneyhand's moon buggy. It seemed like he was broke but he got it out the exit gate.

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Johnson Motorsports just finished up B3 with a 12.

Just talked with Those Guys and Those Gals will have the radiator fixed up and the Gals will be back out. He also wanted to tell the guys in the shop to get back to work you slackers!

Todd McCullen is up to the canyon on B3.

Dave Schreiner has his rig lined up on B2.

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Mustard Dog is stacking rocks for John James as they crawl their way on C2.

The canyon on B2 just ate Dave's pretty lime green rig. The nose went air born and the rear got wedged and that's is all she wrote.

John James just put the Marlin Crawler Ftoy on it's lid for the second time again today.

Todd Young and Damon Parker just laid their Maxxis tired buggy ever so gracefully onto its side. They haven't given up yet and are taking care of any bug problems that might be in the area.

The RockHer is is up and running on B3.

The Torchmate Promod rig of Bill Kunts is next up on B2.


Becca Webster is in a interesting position as she crawls out the exit gate on B3.

Dean Bulloch is patiently waiting for Bill and Mike Schaffer to finish up on B2 to so he can have a go at it.

Dave Cole is broken on B4. The Marshals are calling for a welder to get him out of the position.

The Front Range rig just did a beautiful save on C4. It sounded like he lost a bead and is done.

The FU2 Ftoy just about went over in the exact same place MD and John James.


Taking a completely different approach then everyone else Dean and Karl just took the climb on B2 from left to right. They crawled the climb just fine, but in doing so they got belly hung at the top. In the process of trying to get un hung it sounded like the rear ring and pinion let go.

Weston Blackie is buckled in and ready for B2.

The Scooter N Bikes Ftoy is next up on C2.

Over on B2 Pete Mazzoni is kicking back waiting for the judges to get back from lunch.

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I sure hope Weston made molds for that new Dakota body because it is getting torn up to day. I just put it over on the passenger side on B2. Weston and Lubes tried to upright it, but they just didn't have enough to get it back on all four.

Shannon and Nick Campbell are now up on B2. With some liberal use of the throttle Shannon is giving that LS motor some work trying to get up the wall.

Scooters N Bike just flew through the exit gate on C2.

Nick just tossed a HUGE rock down into the crack trying anything and everything to get the rig up the hill. They have tried about 3 different lines so far and Nick just moved him over to another one. After a little to much throttle Shannon just put the Monster buggy on it's lid.


Turns out Dean Bulloch lost a front ring and pinion. He knows someone with spares so he will be fixed and ready to go for tomorrow.

Craig Thompson just had something let go in the frontend of his rig and is being winched off of B3.

Chris Pook and Mark Lynum up on C2. As they were working it through the pinch something went crunch in the frontend and they turned around and came back off the course.

Hal Frost is now up on B2 and Jason Willis is waiting to go on B3.

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Ok we have Hal Frost on B3 trying to make it up the wall, Jason Willis wedged in the canyon and Buzz hung up over on B4.


Hal Frost ended his run on B2 in almost the exact same fashion as Shannon. He searched around looking for the perfect line to make it to the top and ended up rolling down the hill and ending up on his lid.

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OUCH!!! Just a few hours ago this body was perfect

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Weston Blackie gave away a few pieces of hammered fiberglass and the kids just loved it

People Tree Smile Adventure

Ok he doesn't look very excited but he was.

Dave Schneider is up on B3 and so far is walking through it with only one cone and a couple of backups. After rolling twice today they were really looking for one clean run.

Team Countrywide pulled out the spotter strap and Jason pulled with all he could as Keith worked the buggy right up the wall on B2.

The Lovell's are up on B4 and Bill Kunz and Mike Schaffer are rolling into B3.


Brad and Roger Lovell were up on B4 but now they are over on to their top and waiting for recovery.

BNS Fab tried a really really high line into the canyon on B2 and ended landing the buggy wheels up into the canyon.

Mike Schaffer and Bill Kunz are creeping their way through B3 with no problems.


To finish off the day we have Nicole Johnson followed by Todd McCullen B4. Only 1 person has finished the course so it could be really interested to see if either of them will be able to.


No pressure Nicole and Todd, it's not like Modern Marvels is there filming you plus the whole crowd and the fact only one person before you guys finished the course.

Johnson Motorsports is through the start gates and the 10 minute timer is ticking off. They made the first climb fairly easy and are working their way around the top of the course. They purposely took one cone to get a little better positionn for the next set of gates. Damn and then they go out of my view. They seem to be backing down the drop off that the Lovell's needed recovery on earlier. Johnson Motorsport became just the second team to finish the course as they pull out the exit gate with 30 seconds left.


Like so many others today Todd McCullen is calling for recovery and just like that day 1 of Round 3 of the Western series W.E. Rock is in the books.

Actually I take that back Dave Cole is going to be the last person to run. He got the rig fixed and is running B1.





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