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W.E.ROCK Cedar City, UT
Western U.S. Nationals Event Three, June 21-22

Written by Andy Johnson
Photos by Andy Johnson and England Photography
Coverage brought to you by MAXXIS Tires
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Updates will begin soon!!!


Only 15 minutes left until we get underway here for day two. All the teams are doing their final walk around of courses and trying to figure out how they are going to get their rigs through with the lowest possible score or they are just trying to figure out what the heck was going through Little Rich's head when he set the cones. Either way it should be an interesting day.

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In a show of great respect Steven Hanson is on the Mic to give a few words and a moment of silence for a fellow wheeler that passed away recently, Kevin Rothman.

All the competitors are suited up and ready to go.

On A2 Brian Errea is getting belted in and ready to defend his day one lead.

Jeremy Sodroff has is yellow Toyota lined up on C2.

Chris Pook is started on C3.

Tod Wiens just jumped his unlimited rig up the wall on B2.


Team BNS Fab is working the ever hard A3.

Tod Wiens tried to make a left and then tried to back up the canyon and ended up doing a nose stand that will require a winch.

The Gleed Boys just finished up C2 to some high fives and fists pounding on the hood. I think they were happy to finish the course.

Brent Bradshaw just finished up B4. I wonder if the unlimited guys are going to have better luck on that course today. Remember yesterday only 3 ProMod teams were able to make it through.

Brian Errea just finished up A2 with a good run.

Dave Cole is now up to see if he can get through it. He is currently sitting on his belly with his spotter pulling with all he has to get him free. He is free and is lining up for the bonus line that even the Unlimited guys were having trouble with.

Andrew Paulson is up on B3 trying to make the difficult right turn up into the canyon.

Cody and Jim Waggoner are lined up for the big climb on B3.

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Hal Frost just ducked under the banner and off the course on A3.

Those Guys just finished up on C2.

Team FU2 is ready to on C3.

Troy Bailey is up on A2.

Weston Blackie is over on A3. Lubes looks like a little mouse running around tossing rocks like he running for cheese.

Dave Schneider just finished up A4 with a 2.

Mike and Jake Wright just put the wheels side up on C4.


Lawrence Karver just plopped is Toyota roof down into a good size hole on C2.

Team FU2 is really letting the squirrels have it and hopping their Ftoy doing what they can to get up the hill.

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UPDATE 11:00

Current Unlimited leader Jesse Hanies is working the hill on B2. He was fighting and fighting to miss the left hand cone, but still got it. He now back down into the canyon and used his rear steer perfect to lined up to shoot right up the canyon.

Dean Bulloch just crawled through A3

Mike Klensin is over on A2 and lining the the BIG down hill. Most drivers are choosing to back down it.

Tim Florian is a little crossed up on C2 and has his spotter working in this Utah sun.

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UPDATE 11:15

Jess Haines has lost 1st gear in his tranny, but he doesn't seem to be to worried about and feels he will do just fine running in 2nd gear.

Cody Waggoner just put down another nice run on B3 and could be closing in on Jesse.

Brian Errea is over on A3 dropping his Twisted Custom buggy down the 10 point bonus gate.

Carl Nielson is over on A2 flexing out his Bronco based buggy as he crosses the gap on the way to the big down hill.

Matt Messer getting his moon buggy lined up on B2.

UPDATE 11:20

Carl Nielson just timed out on A2.

Matt Messer just made the climb on B2 but he didn't get three wheels around the cone so now has to back back down the hill and try to get 3 tires around the cone.. In the process of backing down he got into the banner so with the cone and a banner he is sitting with at least a 20.

Dave Cole is set to go on A3

Team Those Guys are throwing up some dust on C3.

Todd McCullen is over A2

Buzz Bronsema just laid the smack down on A1 with a 6. A1 has already rolled 2 rigs, but Buzz was able to make it pretty clean.

Matt and Hobie finished up B2 with a 10.

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UPDATE 11:30

Jesse Haines is up on B3. It will be interested how he going to do with out 1st gear.

Looks like Nicole Johnson is getting her Campbell built buggy ready to go on A2.

Dave Cole is nose down on A3 and it appears he has broke something in the frontend because his front left is not turning.

Andrew Paulson is over on B4.

Jeremy Sodroff is working the wheel over on C3.

With the loss of 1st gear Jesse is really fighting B3.

UPDATE 11:45

Oh no Nicole Johnson just did a HARD front burn to get lined up for the drop on A2. Unfortunately she couldn't get it stop in time and ended up coming down the big drop really hard and broke the passenger side rear link off the back of the rig. Looks like she took out the rear shocks, driveline, and other stuff. OUCH. This drop is the same drop Nick Campbell was practicing on and came down and broke his link The only difference is Nick had all night to get it fixed, but Nicole and Frank only have 45 minutes!!! I sure hope Johnson Motorsports can get it fixed.

Brent Bradshaw just finished up B2, but he lost something in the rearend.

Tim Florian is hitting the skinny pedal on his little Sami and just did a major save.

Matt Messer and Hobie Smith are on B3 trying to reel in Jesse Haines.

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UPDATE 12:10

Mike Klensin looks like a rag doll get tossed around on A3.

The climb on B2 just got down smacking Rick Mooneyhand around for awhile. He finally made it up, but I believe he ran out of time and didn't finish the course.

They have major effort going on trying to Nicole Johnson's broken rig off the course.

Scooter N Bikes is set to go on C2.

Wow, is it bad my fingers are getting warm from touching my keyboard? It is hot out here today. I really feel for these spotters and drivers trying to stay cool working these courses. Not to mention the Judges who are in the sun all day with no chance to grab some shad.

UPDATE 12:15

Well they managed to get Nicole's rig off of A2 and the Lovell brothers are up and running.

Over on B2 Todd Young his working his way up the climb. Opps make that rolling his way down to the bottom of the hill.

Carl Nielson is over hammering the throttle on A3.

Becca Webster is over on A1 which has been nicknamed the trailrun. I think Little setup the first set of gates some where near Saint George.

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UPDATE 12:45

It looks like Mike Messer over took Jesse for the lead in unlimited.

Mike Shaffer and Bill Kunz are up on A2. They are currently sitting in 3rd place so the pressure is really on the rookie driver.

Todd McCullen just ended up with the wheels in the sky on A3.

Brent Bradshaw just finished up B3 with a run.

Andrew Paulson just rolled of the climb onB2.

Over on C2 we are waiting for the Wright brothers.

The Lovell's are next up on A3.

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The Unlimited guys are all finished up and Little Rich is getting the shootout course setup.

Josh Burau just let out a huge YES as DSI crawled the buggy out of a near roll. They are now lined up nicely to hit the 20 point bonus line.

Above All Rock Crawling are leap frogging their buggy up the multiple ledges on A3.

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Bill Kunz is really doing a great job of driving on A3.

Pete Mazoni is jocking around on A2

Ut oh it looks like the motor is giving Bill and Mike a little trouble on A3. Hopefully they can get it running because they are so close to the exit gate.

You might have noticed that I have not mentioned Shannon and Nick Campbell, well after that nasty roll yesterday the chasse was tweaked enough that they decided to call it a weekend and headed back home to get it ready for Donner.


Dave Schneider just got his ass handed to him over on climb on A3. The rig just did not want to make it up that first double wammy climb.

Brian Ellinger is on C2

Becca Webster is working the RedBull crawler over on to it's lid on A2. She was so close to getting into the shootout.

Tim Florian is up trying to catch Those Guys over on C4.

Judges have been called to the Unlimited shootout course and Andrew Paulson pulled up to the starting gates.


It looks like the Wright brothers are out for the day. They ripped the studs out of the knuckle and in the process took out the trunian bearing and they can't find a spare.

Bill Kunz was able to get the rig running well enough to finish A3. Let's hope it doesn't hinder them on the next course.

Andrew Paulson is in 6th place and will start off the Unlimited shootout.

Jesse Haines took back 1st place followed by Brent Bradshaw and Matt Messer.


Team BNS Fab is up on A2.

Pete Mazoni is finishing up his last run of the day on A3

Andrew Paulson has started their shootout run and are running out of time quickly. He has made it up the first hard climb, but he can't turn his steering to the left. He is being forced to turn the rig around and use the rear steer as his front end. He got called for a fluid call and instead of greasing the course down for everyone else he shut it down.

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Next up we have Rick Mooneyham.

This second set of gates on the shootout course is really tight and Rick is really working the controls to get the buggy turned to get setup for them. He got up through them and is now getting spun around for the next set. They made it up the 3rd and down the 10 point bonus gate and out the exit gate with a 1:30 to spare.

Now the Waggoner's turn.

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After struggling a little and taking a cone at the start, Cody Waggoner has settled down and made very short work of the rest of the course. They completed the course with 3 or 4 minutes left on the clock and a total score of 12.

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Before I could get the card back in my camera Team Trail Gear has flopped the buggy over. Major disappointment instantly spread across the faces of Matt Messer and Hobie Smith, but they didn't stop. Hobie grabbed the winch rope and looped it around a rock. Matt hit the winch control and Hobie pushed. Over the rig went, but they backed up, hit a cone and 40ed out. Man oh man.


Brent Bradshaw is up on the shootout. Brent is really going to have to work because his CO2 air bottle is EMPTY. He is now stuck doing the whole course with open diffs. Amazingly they were still able to finish the course with a 3! The lowest score so far. The pressure is now on Jesse to finish course. Heck Brent did it with open diffs so Jesse should have no problem doing it without first gear.


It is now Jesse's turn. Being different he backed down into the crack which allowed him to line right up for the second gate. In his normal fashion Jesse is using every minute of time. They didn't need the bonus points so they elected not to take. They just pulled out the exit gate for their 3rd straight win. Way to go Jesse!

The top 6 for the ProMod is Brian 69, Brad 94, Pete 101, Dean 105, Troy 114, Buzzy 118

Some final scores:



Buzz is now up to start off the ProMod shootout. Buzz is following the lead of Jesse and backed down into the crack to line up for the second set up gates. He has now spun around and is backing down the crack and is lining up for the third set of gates. Buzz and Shawn also decided to skip the bonus and finished the course with a couple minutes to spare.


Troy Bailey is now up. He walked right up the first ledge is now coming all the way back around towards the starting gate to get lined up for second set of gates. They are doing an amazing job of crawling. They cleared the third set of gates with maybe 2 inches to spare. These guys want to move up because they just hit the bonus gate. They finished the course with a -12!! Fantastic run. That is only 2 points from a perfect run. These cones have not changed from when the unlimited class ran!


Just like that Dean and Karl grab 10 points by hitting the banner. He is now through the first set of gates and looping around just like Troy. With out even slipping a tire he crawled up through the second set of gates and is now backing down the crack setting up for the 3rd set of gates. They are now setting up for the and getting those 10 points back by hitting the bonus line and out the exit gate.


Pete Mazzoni is going to see if he can move up in the rankings. Twisted Customs has to happy to see 5 of the 6 rigs in the shootout are theirs. Shane is trying to move some hug boulders from under the rig trying to free it up so they can make it through the first set of gates. They are doing a great job of moving some big boulders around and it could make it interesting for those following them. Shane is moving some boulders to get the rig moving. The boulders weren't helping so Pete went to the horsepower. After 3 or 4 assaults he just couldn't get up the climb and blew out the stub shaft on the driverside.


The Lovell's are now up and struggling a little bit with that big boulder Pete moved around. They got the rig moved over enough and shot up the hill. They are now spinning the rig around and setup for the 2nd set of gates. With a couple of front and rear burns they are up and clear of the 3rd set of gates and down the bonus drop. Brad did a great job of settling the rig down from a sure rollover situation. They finished it up with a -8!

Wow these ProMod guys are making this shootout course look pretty easy.


Brian Errea passes through the start gates and needs to score less then 17 points to hold onto the lead. They are crawling their way up to the first set of gates trying to avoid the diff hanger that Pete found earlier. With a little shot of gas they are up the climb with no problem. Instead of turning down in the hole, they are spinning around at the top and backing down into the crack. They are flirting with the 2nd set of gates as they back down the crack lining up for the 3rd set of gates. They are also running out of quickly. Unflipping believable Brian just rolled down the bonus line. He landed on his wheels, hammered down and flew out of the exit gate!! Now the only question is if was able to hold onto his lead.

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With very few points to spare Brian was able to hold onto the win!

Final Pro-Mod scores!


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