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W.E.ROCK Jellico, TN
Eastern U.S. Nationals Event Three, July 4-6, 2008

Written by Andy Johnson
Photos by Andy Johnson and England Photography
Coverage brought to you by Full Size XJ Gear and 4wd Hardware



The sun is out and sky is clear and blue. The weather doesn't look like it will be much of a factor today.

The unlimited guys are up on the B courses and the ProMods are on the A.

Discovery Channel has been out here all weekend filming for a new series call Adventure Man that will be airing in the fall.

Drew Goldie just finished up A1.

Bill Barton just rolled all the way to the bottom of B3 landed on his wheels then hit it again.


Ricky Artes was on C1 grabbing gears trying to get the the nasty climb. I believe he got up to 4th gear as he grabbed gear after gear cleaning the mud off the climb.

Chris May is A1 doing what he can to get through these nasty courses

Alan Woodson is working a little magic on B3.

Lou Levy rolled off the hill on A2. He landed on all fours and was able to drive it through the exit gates with a 37.

Mike Greenwalt is on A3 trying to make it through the day without catching on fire. Yesterday the rig caught on fire twice. I'm sure one of the vendors could have hooked they up with some marsh mellows.

Ricky Artes seemed to clean some of the mud off the hill on C1 because Kyle Bruso was able to make the climb a little easier.

Over on A4 Shannon and Nick Campbell did what non of the unlimited did and winched the 20 point bonus line. Most of unlimited just kept hitting the wall and were getting no where.

Gavin Lewis did what he could do on A4 and was putting on a heck of a show for the crowd. He would back up and just kept hitting the face harder and harder. He was putting some nice air under the rig.

Hobies rental Ftoy is giving C3 everything the little 22r has.

Shannon and Nick just finished A1 with a -2.

Chris Barton was throwing tons of clay while he assaulted the climb on B1.

Bill Barton seems to have forgot the wheels are suppose to be on the ground because he rolled it over on B2 for the second time today.

Bunny Rose gave it heck on A2, but timed out before she could get spun around and back down the hill.

Kelly Young just came out the exit gates on C1 with only seconds to spare.

sunday000001.JPG sunday000002.JPG sunday000003.JPG sunday000004.JPG sunday000005.JPG sunday000006.JPG sunday000007.JPG sunday000008.JPG sunday000009.JPG sunday000010.JPG sunday000011.JPG


Chris Barton just tried his hand on B2.

Brad Styles and Ken Shupe just put on a nice show of throttle and finesse on B1. They took the side hill beautifully. They were the first of the day to finish the course.

Jon Terhune now has his chance on C1.

Gavin Lewis finished A1 with a -1

The Wild Nut Express just timed out within 2 feet of exit gates! They were so close.

Team Yota is tossing more mud an A2.


Just as the rain starts to fall again Kelly Young has her 4wd Hardware sponsored StockMod running on C2. She timed out doing all she could to get up the big climb.

Alan Woodson is up on B2 seeing what he can do. Up and over he goes.

Kurt Shramovich is now up on C2.

Carl Shortridge is up next on B2. Hopefully he doesn't end up at the bottom of the hill like Alan.

sunday000012.JPG sunday000013.JPG sunday000014.JPG sunday000015.JPG sunday000016.JPG sunday000017.JPG sunday000018.JPG sunday000019.JPG sunday000020.JPG sunday000021.JPG


Jon Terhune just one shooted it around the rock and pointing up the hill. Most drivers have been pulling forward then backing up to get a better line to start the climb.

Tom Campbell was literally on fire as they pulled off B3. They got the tranny hot and it started spitting on the exhaust.

Mike Greenwalt just finished up A2 with a 12. It would have been a 2 but they couldn't keep the rig from sliding into a cone. They had lots of fun over on A4 nicked named Full Throttle. With in a a couple of minutes from entering the course they rolled the rig got out and pushed it back over. They spent the next 6 minutes just launching the rig up the hill but just couldn't make it.

Chris "The Chicken" Barton is plan Getting It on B2. Hammering in the rock ledge and he just never lifted. He would get bounced back, stay in it and hammer back into it. He finally got up but then ran out of time. Man what a show though.

sunday000022.JPG sunday000023.JPG sunday000024.JPG


With thunder booming in the background Little Rich is setting up the shootout course. Thankfully it looks like the major rain is going to pass right around us!


WOW the Shootout course is long and full of cones, but teams can get up -35 points! That is a lot of points they can make up. It should be very interesting to see who is going to go for all of the bonuses and actually finish the course. One of the bonuses so make the very difficult climb that has been smacking the unlimited guys all day.


Unlimited Shootout is set:

Brad Styles 129
Carl Shortridgle 147
Jason Gochenour 210
Alan Woodson 238
Chris Barton 258
Darren Casada 264

It looks like 4th - 6th could all change spots and 1st and 2nd could swap too. This should be an interesting Shootout.

The other scores for the unlimited are:

Bill Barton 266
Tom Campbell 287
Alan Rich 343
Brian Milsap 356
Adam Carter 380


Promod Scores:

Shannon Campbell 66
Derek West 75
Chris May 103
Rusty Bray 112
Mike Cole 113
Mike Hale 179


Darren Casada was suppose to be the first up, but he broke everything there is to break in front-end. Shocks, links, driveshaft and other misc stuff.

With Darren out Chris Barton had to run the course first. He looked very cautious as he dropped off the first drop. He made it through the first gate and down hill and got to the second set of gates. The ledge on the second set of gates looks pretty easy but he got caught up. He made it through but had to go back because he didn't get 3 wheels through. He then made his way to the third set of gates and got high centered. Not only was he high centered, but he had no reverse. He worked the wheel for awhile, gave up for a second then went back to it. With maybe 20 seconds left he got free and the race to the gate was on! He exited with only a second to spare!!

Alan Woodson was suppose to follow Chris but he is also broke and won't make the shoot out.

Jake was up next and went through the course with out much trouble. He shot up the second set of gates like nothing. Off to the third set of gates and struggled for a second and got right over it. They lined up for the optional bonus for the exit. They gave it a couple of shots but ended up calling it good and backed out the exit gates. They ended with a 4.

The Wildnut Express is now up and he is hitting every bonus! He dropped off the first big bonus and the rig settled right down and he made the right turn. He then jumped right up the 2nd and set of gates, side hilled the 2nd bonus, took a couple of backs and shot right over the 3rd set of gates. They are now lined up for the bonus climb out but it just doesn't look like they are going to get it! Man they lived up to their name and used tons of throttle to get up the final bonus climb!! They really put the pressure on Brad and Ken because they just scored a -20, so that means Brad and Ken have to score less a -3 to keep the lead!


Southern Styles is now up and backing down through the start and down the first bonus. Ken said they were going to hit every bonus, but he was joking. Well they are getting forced to take at least one. If he hits a gate he will have to do another bonus gate.


With on a few hairy situations Brad and Ken finished the shoot out in style. They only need a -3 but they ended the course with a very nice score of -16. It must have been super dupper spotter sandals.

Great job on winning your 3rd straight W.E Rock East event!!

sunday000033.JPG sunday000034.JPG sunday000035.JPG sunday000036.JPG sunday000037.JPG sunday000038.JPG sunday000039.JPG sunday000040.JPG


Mike Hale broke and won't make the shoot out.

Mike Cole is now dropping into the course. He lined up to back down, but quickly spun around and went through it forward. He took the first drop off and made a nice save. Oh no when he came down he broke a bolt on a link!! Ouch what a hard way to finish the weekend.

As I look over my right shoulder I see a major storm rolling our way. In hopes of keeping the completion even W.E. Rock is moving the shoot out guys as quick possible.


Rusty Bray is now up in in NOS Energy drink rig. He pulled in forward, spun around is backing down through the first set of gates. It seemed to work well for them because the rig settled right down like nothing and they were on the way to the second set of gates. They didn't take the first or second bonus. With 3:30 left he looped around and shot right up the bonus climb. He then jumped out the exit gates. He finished up with -8.


Chris May is up to see what he can do.

Oh man the thunder is getting closer and closer.


Chris May made it down the drop fairly easily and off to the second gate. They struggled for a second but with a little extra use of the throttle they jumped up it. They quickly pivoted around gate 3. He got the forth gate and hammered it pretty hard over the belly hanger and planted it right into the wall. It sounded like something had to have broken, but he hit front only and spun it right around and headed to the exit gate.

As Derek drops in the umbrellas are popping up. Hopefully the major rain will hold off because this place is going to turn into a slip and slide.


The rain is really coming down now!!

Derek backed off the first big bonus with ease. He is now lined up for the second bonus. With a large amount of throttle he hit the side hill and cleared the second bonus gate. In the process he punched a hole in the drivers front tire and motor didn't sound happy. He used lots of throttle and got out the exit gate.

Shannon and Nick are now up. They get to fight this sloppy mess.


Shannon and Nick backed down the first bonus gate. Has he spins around to go for 2nd gate he hammered down on that LS motor and the rear slidded around just enough to grap the cone and cancel out them doing the bonus. LIke a man on a mission he took off to the second gate. He jumped up the ledge like it was nothing then got into the crack on the third set of gates and just held it to the wood working the wheel until the rig finally learched forward and got free. Then as if he was at a XRRA even he pinned it again and jumped right over the third set of gates. At this point they don't have a chance to keep first but Shannon lined up for the exit bonus. With the rain and mud Shannon gave the LS everything it had. He hit the hill over and over. It finally went a little to hard and went up and over. Shannon wasn't done. He hit reverse then first and got it on all four and hit again. It just wasn't going so he moved over to another line. He hit it again and again, but it just wouldn't go there either. He ended up rolling off the hill and down into a hole!! Shannon being Shannon put it gear again and put it in all 4! Once again he was back at it trying to get out of the exit gates. The poor motor just wasn't having it! It just didn't want anymore of Shannon's right foot and called it quiets about the same time the clock ran out. It was just an amazing run and one that no one here will forget for many years.

sunday000041.JPG sunday000042.JPG sunday000043.JPG sunday000044.JPG sunday000045.JPG sunday000046.JPG sunday000047.JPG sunday000048.JPG sunday000049.JPG sunday000050.JPG sunday000051.JPG sunday000052.JPG


Final Scores:

Mod Stock
Pro Mod

Congratulations to the winners:

Ftoy: Wes Harper
ModStock: Kurt Shramovich
Pro Mod: Derek West
Unlimited: Brad Styles

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