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2005 WEROCK - Moab, UT
Brought to you by Toyo Tires and Rock on Motorsports

W.E. Rocks

5:30 PM Update - No scores available as of this time.

Moab, Utah - 9:00 A.M. The rocks at Area BFE were loaded with spectators on Saturday as the W.E. Rocks event in Moab, Utah went off with epic action. W.E. Rock Founder Rich Klein was estatic as nearly 50 plus rock crawlers arrived to the Moab Valley in search of some tough competition. Many of the world's top professional rock crawling teams took advantage of the the excellent scheduling of this second W.E. Rock event held in Moab, Utah. Combined with the 39th Annual Easter Jeep Safari many teams were in town for the big rock crawling extravaganza.


On Track Krawler Team's Dean Bulloch drove his Suzuki Samurai to a commanding lead early in the competition in the Legends Class as he tackled obstacle-after-obstacle with his spotter, Krazy Karl.


Bruce Zeller, driving the Nelson and Nelson built "Scrapper," began the event smiling and he didn't stop all day long as he pushed his rock rig through the technical obstacles at Area BFE. Zeller and his new teammate, Fabtech sponsored - Tracy Jordan, consulted with each other and their spotters picking apart the obstacle and going after what they thought was the best line.


Campbell Enterprises - Shannon Campbell arrived to Moab in his retro - Campbell Ent. single seat moon buggy fitted with the LS1 Corvette motor. This is the same rig that Campbell beat all others at UROC Jellico in 2004. Can you say horsepower? Campbell has a saying..."Get It!"


Rock Runner Racing Don Robbins had a phenomenal Saturday as he picked some of the best lines in the most technical obstacles. The Maverick commented, "We had a good first day, let's keep it going through the end of the event."


Rock Runner Racing's Brian Errea and his spotter, Joachim Schweisow battled the rocks and competitors throughout the day all the while Schweisow was sick. Early Friday afternoon Schweisow came down with flu like symptoms, but he insisted on spotting letting Errea put the Twisted Customs rig in position for a run on Sunday.


Red Bull sponsored, Dustin Webster worked the rocks with his machine as he prepared for a wild time here in Moab.


Joel Randall trekked to Moab from Nebraska and called Rich Klein from Denver to save him a spot in the competition as the Randall crew hammered down towards the rocks of Moab.


Off-road champion Walker Evans and his bad-azz spotter, Nick Campbell started off slow but by the end of the day they had this blue machine rocking up the straight big walls of W.E. Rock


Known throughout the 2004 season as "The Steelhorse Cowboy," Tracy Jordan joined Bruce Zeller's team and is driving a new Campbell Ent. moon buggy. Jordan suffered some minor issues on Friday when he first put the rock rig on the rocks, but an easy fix was in order by Campbell Ent. Friday evening.

Jordan and his new spotter, Brian, struggled through the first couple obstacles as they dialed the team in. Look for Jordan to be really comfortable in his new single seat by the time the first UROC event goes off in just a few weeks.

sat304.jpg sat300.jpg sat283.jpg sat279.jpg

Skyjacker / Toyo Tires sponsored Mark Berger put his Twisted Customs rock rig into the field and was rocking and rolling until he got to Obstacle B-5 where he pounded the rock face with his rig runnnig out of time before getting to the top.

sat194.jpg sat013.jpg sat031.jpg

Known as "SuperSpot" Wadeson...and perhaps this pose is his imitation of "Superman," but nothing was going to help this multi-time previous event winner fly over the rocks. His driver, Jason Paule - sporting a Dakota beard - can only smile as his top spotter prepares for battle.

sat182.jpg sat055.jpg
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