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2005 WEROCK - Moab, UT
Brought to you by Toyo Tires and Rock on Motorsports

W.E.Rocks - Moab, Utah Rock Crawl Winners

Saturday Coverage

Bruce Zeller #181 Super Modified

Dean Bulloch #9 Legends

Area BFE - Moab, Utah: A fierce storm raged throughout the Moab Valley late Saturday afternoon turning what was a very competitive technical course into mud bowl early Sunday morning. Weather systems from Northern Utah, as well as Arizona, converged together turning the normally fair weathered valley into a soaked mud fest.

W.E. Rock's event location was turned into a mud milkshake as many of the world's top competitors slogged through the obstacles facing incredible conditions. Many competitors took the maximum amount of points as they attempted to conquer the rock canyons of Area BFE.

But facing the ultimate mud zone and some of W.E. Rocks toughest obstacles for the second day in a row was Bruce Zeller. Driving the Nelson & Nelson built rock crawler - Scrapper, Zeller came to the mud with his game face on and demonstrated why he may be the real deal. Zeller outperformed Rock Runner Racing's Jason Paule by only six points to capture the win over Paule. Finishing in third place was Zeller's teammate - Tracy Jordan, driving his brand new Campbell Enterprises rock buggy complete with rear steer.

Super Modified

1. Bruce Zeller
2. Jason Paule
3. Tracy Jordan
4. Cody Waggoner
5. Rob Bonney

The reigning UROC Supercrawl III Champion - Dean Bulloch continued on his winning ways and brought his Suzuki Samurai to Area BFE in search of another title. Bulloch, long known as "The Iceman" and his spotter, Karl "Krazy Karl" Munford out lasted the competition to capture his second rock crawling win of the season. The On Track Krawler Team have put back-to-back professional rock crawling wins together in consecutive weeks as Bulloch won the PRO Rock event last weekend in Cougar Buttes, California.

Finishing second to On Track Krawler Team was the Rock Runner Racing Motorsports team of Joachim Schweisow and Brian Errea. Schweisow became ill on Friday evening forcing him to compete all weekend long with flu like symptoms. Schweisow insisted that his teammate, Brian Errea, drive the rock rig throughout the weekend as he performed spotting duties in the mud at Area BFE.

1. Dean Bulloch
2. Brian Errea/Joachim Schweisow
3. Brad Lovell

* Complete scores & photo gallery will be posted as soon as the mud is removed from all the equipment. We don't have any additional scores as of yet. W.E. Rock was kind enough to call us with the winner's of these two classes, however as the cell phone reception and weather has played a big part in this report we are unable to provide you with complete scores of all classes. We apologize for this inconvienence.

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