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W.E. Rock Oroville
Story by Charlene Bower and Camo
Photos by Rise Above Photo, Charlene, Lisa Floyd, and Camo

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There is no arguing with me that rock crawling is one of the more technical categories in motorsports, right up there with trials riding.


After a great weekend at W.E. Rock in Oroville, CA we were again reminded of the talent that participates in the West Coast series from California, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Oregon, and even 18 hours away in Canada. With Brad Lovell not participating in this years series, there will no doubt be a new National Champion to crown at the end of the season.


The Surplus City area is a man made course that is built to challenge the best, and teach the novice. This weekend it annihilated the Champions.


The focal point of the weekend was of course the 35ft Terminator vertical climb and back side drop off. Last season only 2 competitors had made it, but in just the first day 4 of the Pro Mod competitors had tackled it, and others had rolled, flipped or just plain gave up.


There was a lot of great competition throughout the weekend. In the Pro Modified class, Troy Bailey, the underdog left Saturday in first place, and finished the competition Sunday the winner! Nicole Johnson had a very consistent weekend, even after launching off the back of the Terminator, and finished in second place. Craig Thompson finished third. Shannon Campbell had a very challenging weekend being horsepower challenged, but even so finished the weekend off in fourth. Aaron Sykes changed to a new car and finished in fifth.

Some of the top stories include Tracy Jordan switching from the Pro Modified class to the Unlimited class and taking first place over Brent Bradshaw. Matt Messer came in third and Andrew Paulson finished fourth.

In the Mod Stock class, Dan Patterson took first place by one point over Tory Trinka. Interestingly, The F Toys had betters scores over the Mod Stock class, which is hystorically opposite. With John James hanging up his helmet for the season, there will be a new champion this year. Nathan Unruh ruled the weekends event with a 72 point lead over Chris Mercer.

The action will continue in Tucson, AZ, May 1-2, 2010

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