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W.E.ROCK Hits Perris Raceway, CA
Western U.S. Nationals Event One,
April 12-13

Written by Andy Johnson
Photos by HiRev Photography and England Photography
Coverage brought to you by MAXXIS Tires

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The W.E.ROCK season is about to kick into full gear with the season opener at Perris, CA. With over 50 teams competing it should be an action packed weekend! For some teams the days are flying by way to quick while others are kicking back enjoying the last bit of peace before the busy summer season gets underway. Will Jason Scherer have the new rig done in time? How about some of the first year competitors? Which one of these guys is going to step up and show some of the veterans a few things. Is Shannon and the rest of the Campbell crew going to be worn out after the long days and nights? Only a few more days to go before we find out!


It is a great day to kick off the WEROCK 08 season. The sun is out and all the teams are rolling in. Dustin just gave the drivers the 10 minute warning. All the judges have had their meeting and should be all set for the day. Dustin also let all the drivers know this is officially the biggest WEROCK event EVER. They have over 50 teams here ready to go!!

Perris1.JPG Perris2.JPG Perris3.JPG


The drivers meeting just finished up and the drivers are getting staged.


MAXXIS Tires has stepped up again ang gave us a perch on top of their trailer for the weekend. With the excellent courses Little Rich has put together the trailer could be a very busy place. The courses have a nice mix of technical crawling and Getting it drop offs that should make for an interesting day. According to Becca Webster, of team Red Bull, one of them is the biggest she will have ever attempted!! We have 10 minutes until the rigs started!


The fun has begun with Craig Thompson kicking it off with a nice wheel stand coming down B3. Wow 6 rigs going at the same time. It is going to be a heck of a weekend trying to keep up with all the action.

Perris4.JPG Perris5.JPG Perris6.JPG

UPDATE 10:15

We have our first breakage of the day by Kurt McLaughlin. He lost his rear driveline. After a great save on A4 Andrew Paulson could not pull off another one and ended up on his lid. He would have been the first to attempt the huge drop off. 629 Crystal McAuliffe just put their rig on its side on C3 and couldn't pull off the save.

Perris7.JPG . Perris8.JPG

UPDATE 10:15

Weston Blackie in the Maxxis Tire sponsored rig is putting on one heck of a wheel stand show on B2. He is trying his best to get up the wall. WOW after 5 plus rear wheel stands he put it up and over.

Perris9.JPG Perris10.JPG

UPDATE 10:45

Dean Bulloch, of on Track Krawler, just pulled off an amazing +8 on B3. Being the perfectionist he is he was disappointed with it and wanted that ultra low score.

UPDATE 10:50

Kathy Crook is working her way on C1 doing her best to make her way through the course. Mark Thurston is trying to make it through the tough first set of gates on B1. Team SlowSpead is walking their way through B3 with 2 nice drops waiting in front of them.

UPDATE 10:55

Mark Ruffing just put on an awesome show. He made it all the way through the A4 only to roll over on the HUGE bonus drop. He landed with in inches of the exit gate. His spotters did his best to put the rig on its wheels but missed it by seconds.

Perris11.JPG Perris12.JPG Perris13.JPG Perris14.JPG

UPDATE 11:15

Team Break All is doing their best to get up A2 working the front and rear steer but doesn't seem to be getting very far. The courses seem to be getting dug out pretty quick which is going to make some of the climbs and technique crawls even harder!


UPDATE 11:30

The courses today seem to be you either make it with a decent score or you don't. Teams are really working to just get through the start gate on B2. C3 has eaten a few rigs, A4 is just chomping them up as quick as teams can get to it A1 one is also having a good time taking its fair share too. It will be really interesting to see the scores.

UPDATE 11:35

Shannon and Nick Campbell are crawling through A2 using percise driving, leaving the horsepower for later. Keith Northrup, in his rookie year, is lined up for the wall on B2. Team 660 of Jim Mabey is trying to get through the ever so tough B1. While Jesse Haines just took a nose dive off of A4

Perris16.JPG Perris17.JPG Perris18.JPG Perris19.JPG \

UPDATE 11:55

Jody Everding of RawX Racing seems to have some major motor problems and timed out on B3.

UPDATE 11:57

Cody Waggoner has made his way through A4 better then anybody all day, but will he try the 20 point bonus line?

UPDATE 12:05

Brent from Trail Tough just pulled off the low score of the day on B3. Cody Waggoner lined up and slld off the drop on A4 and pulled it off clean. He made it look easy! Ben Hanks is working the climb on B2 and just doesn't seem to have the motor to make it.

UPDATE 12:20

Up on B2 Nicole Johnson is doing her best to get her little Campbell buggy up the wall but it just doesn't seem to want to go. Team Breakall is broken on C2.

UPDATE 12:30

Jason Schearer and Lance Clifford are up on A1 and boy does that LS7 sound good. They are working it trying to get up a ledge that has been given people trouble all day.

Perris21.JPG Perris22.JPG

UPDATE 12:45

Keith Northrup in the BSN Fab built rig just did a nice 1 1/2 gainer down B3. After a few minutes of rock stacking by his spotter Darius Johnson Mark Thurston just made the climb on B2 look silly and jumped right up it


Becca Webster is now up on B3 doing her best to get up the wall Mark just made a minute ago. Just foryou Ftoy boys team Marlin Crawler of John James and Eric Anderson are crawling their way up C1. On A1 the brothers of Tracy and Jason Jordan are getting their ProMob up the wall with the rig bouncing off the rev limiter.


Just talked to Jess Haines and he is going to have a long night. He isn't sure if he did it during his roll or last weekend during practice but some how he cracked the tranny housing. He is stuffing towels, rags and anything else he can find into the belly pan to catch the fluid and avoid a 10 point fluid penalty.

Perris23.JPG Perris24.JPG


Mike and Jake Wright, in their Hi Desert Driveline sponsored Ftoy, are doing their best to get through C2. Oppsy, looks like they just put the tires in the air. Team Trail Gear of Craig Thompson is trying to see if he has the magic ticket for B1.

Perris25.JPG Perris26.JPG


Todd McCullen is doing what he can now on B2. Todd got through the rough starting section and is working on making it up the wall that has been dening people all day long. Bill Kunz and Mike Shaffer, in the Torchmate buggy, have really put them self in a tough spot over on B1. They are playing with the winch and throttle trying to get unstuck. Looks like B2 just ate another rig.In a great effort Todd ended up rolling off the wall on B2 and stopped with in feet of the Torchmate rig on B1.


In a move we haven't seen all day, Jason and Lance decided to go old school and pull out the spotter strap!! The strategy paid off because Lance was able to help pull the rig up the wall on B2 and they finished the course with a decent score. Dean Bulloch, over on B1, is giving it all he has but just can't get up the ledge.

Perris30.JPG Perris31.JPG Perris32.JPG


Have a scoring update for you

Perris27.JPG Perris28.JPG Perris29.JPG


Things are starting to calm down here for today. Most of the teams have either finished their courses or broke. Team SlowSpeed just tried their luck on B1 but didn't fair to well. As they approached the first hard section they found out they had no rear locker. They still gave it hell but ended up having to shut it down when the rig caught on FIRE. Luckly it was nothing major and they made it off the course under their own power.


B2 seems to be turning a new leaf. After eating rigs all day we just watched Jason and Lance make it through. Now Brian Errea just went through it with some silkly smooth driving. Did Lance forget to unstack the rocks? Hal Frost is giving it hell over on B1 but ran out of time before making it up the ledge.


Wow B1 one has gotten really dug out. Weston Blackie and Dave Schieder are shooting major dirt in the air but they just can't seem to get the rig through the V notch. Roger and Brad Lovell just spanked B2. While Renee and Ted Lebarn in their Stock Mob rig look to have timed out up on C1.

Perris33.JPG Perris34.JPG Perris35.JPG Perris36.JPG


Jody "Fawkin" Everding must have got his more problem figured out because he is opening it up on B1!! Hendrix is driving around showing off his 3 wheel motion and having a bit of fun.

Perris37.JPG Perris38.JPG


While B2 has become a lot easier for teams this afternoon. B1 is still eating teams for lunch. It just claimed team 323 of Jason Willis and Orlando Giannecchini.

Perris39.JPG Perris40.JPG Perris42.JPG Perris44.JPG


The Unlimited have wrapped it up for today. Here are their scores:



OUCH the Torchmate rig "did" have one of the nicest paint jobs. After rolling over on B2 I bet they wish they had made that comp hood.

Perris47.JPG Perris48.JPG


Hal Frost just finished up the day with a nice run on B2. He was able to cross the finish gate with just seconds to spare. I will be back in a few with the day's final scores.


Here are your final scores for the day.


Hope you guys enjoyed today's coverage!

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