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W.E.ROCK Hits Perris Raceway, CA
Western U.S. Nationals Event One,
April 12-13

Written by Andy Johnson
Photos by HiRev Photography and England Photography
Coverage brought to you by MAXXIS Tires

[ SATURDAY ] [ SUNDAY ][ PHOTO GALLERY ] [ RP Films Video Clip]


Sunday's coverage coming up!


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The teams are all getting lined and ready make their first runs of the day! Can the Lovell brothers keep the lead or can the Jordan brother catch them? How about Jesse Haines keep grow that slim lead in Unlimited or are the others going to catch them?

After taking a look at A4 a lot of Pro Mod drivers are wondering if they want to attempt the drop off. Tracy Jordan says he doesn't really want to do the 20 point bonus drop, but other teams in the group could force his hand. Nicole Johnson wasn't to sure about it either and wondered why she didn't listen to her mom and take up knitting.

Team Floorit of Tom Haman and Jason Conover could put on one heck of a show today. They lost the head gasket on their Ecotech and are going to be forced to rock race each course to avoid boiling the motor.

UPDATE 10:20

Team Lovell just dropped off the big bonus on A4 pulled it off clean. If the other Pro Mod guys are going to keep up they are going to be forced to do it too.

Perris49.JPG Perris50.JPG

UPDATE 10:27

Tracy Jordan is up on A4. We will have to see if he gets through it and pulls off the bonus.

UPDATE 10:35

Tracy Jordan also went right through A4 like it was no big deal. Seems as though the Pro Mods are making A4 look a lot easier then the Unlimited.

Shannon Campbell is fighting his way up B1. He is really on it trying to get his rig up the ledge. If you can believe it his little motor is drowning out Dustin!!

UPDATE 10:45

After all motor Shannon was finally able to make it up B1 with a little bump and Nick at the end of the strap.

Team Waggoner is continuing their smooth driving and are working through B2. They already made the climb that was giving teams problems yesterday.

Team Slowspeed just timed out on C2

I also have a video of yesterday action uploading right now that the boy from RP Films dropped off.

UPDATE 10:50

Team Breakall troubles seem to be continuing today. They are up on B1 and the rig seems to be really lacking power. They are so close to getting up the wall but just seems to run out of power. Finally, they made it up and are getting spun around to get back down.

UPDATE 10:55

Wow just amazing!! Brian Errea just nosed dived off of A4. Ended up on his side.....continued to work the steering wheel and after a huge smoke show some how got it back on all four and finished the course. Crazy. You have to love a driver that never gives up!!

Perris51.JPG Perris52.JPG Perris53.JPG

UPDATE 11:05

Jason and Lance are now up on A4 and have already made their way through the tuff wedge area. They should be to the drop in a minute or two.

Dean "The Ice Man" Bulloch is crawl through A3.

Ben Hanks in his beatiful green and black rig are up trying to make it through A1.

UPDATE 11:12

Things don't look for team Pirate4x4. I am not sure what happend, but they are stopped on A4 and Jason climbed out of the rig.

Team Campbell is going on B2 and seem to be getting things a little better then they did on B1.

Perris54.JPG Perris55.JPG

UPDATE 11:20

Ok guys. In an effort to see the tiny little numbers Stock Mods and Ftoys use I went to Walmart last night and picked up some bincolars!! Hopefully that wil help!!

Looks like Team Those Girls just made it through C3.

Jermey Sordorff of Gleed Boyz Offroad just fought through C1. They were stuck in the middle of the course for a minutes.

Looks like I spoke to soon because Team Monster is stopped and has been stopped on B2. Little Rich and the Cambpells are having a conversation. Maybe they took the wrong route around the cones?

UPDATE 11:30

Mr Horsepower Jody Everding is fully hammering down on his dart motor. He was putting up so much dust you couldn't see a thing for at least 3 courses down!!

Fantastic. Team Crossed Up just pulled of a crazy safe. Thank goodness his spotter and judges were able to get out of the way.

Good news looks like Jason and Lance lost the front driveline and have a replacement!!


UPDATE 11:40

Everding just went up and over out the exit gate on A2!!! Hell of a way to finish the course!!

Jesse Haines just went through B1 fairly cleanly and seems to be keeping his lead.

Tracy Jordan is up on A1.

UPDATE 11:45

Lawrence Karver in his blue Toyota is fighting his way up C2.

Team Breakall just rolled it over on B2.

UPDATE 11:55

I think Weston Blackie trying taking after Jody on A2. Bouncing the rig of the rocks. 50 foot rooster tails of dirt shooting off all 4 tires. He is giving it all he has to get through the course.

Team Trail Tough Products just finished up B3 with out much trouble.

Jeremy Farrel and Mike Davis are picking their way up C1 in their Ftoy.

UPDATE 12:00

I think Weston forgot that he was at a rock crawl because he just blew through A2 as if he had a two minute time limit!!

Jeremy Farrel took the quick way down the hill by rolling off the hill! Ouch. Thankfully he looks to be ok!

Perris57.JPG Perris58.JPG Perris59.JPG

UPDATE 12:07

My aircard finally finished uploading the video. Poor thing is taking a beating this weekend.

Check it out!!

The FU2 Ftoy is up on C1. Hope he doesn't take the same route Jeremy took!

Hal Frost is fulling getting it on A4 trying to get up the crack Jason Shearer broke the driveline. After a few attempts Hal did a sweet peroyet off the wall doing a 1 1/2 twist on the rear end landing on his side about 50 yards down the hill.

UPDATE 12:20

Team FU2 has made it to the spot Jeremy rolled at just a few minutes ago.

The Countrywide sponsored rig of Keith Northrup are up on A3. We well have to wait to see how they do.

Andrew Paulson just sent his rig completely up and over on B2. Luckily he landed inbounds and all four and is right back at it for another try.

UPDATE 12:23

Andrew Paulson just rolled the rig over for the second time in the exact same place!! Unforunalty this time it landed on its side.

UPDATE 12:30

Looks like Team Rage 4th got the driveline fixed and are back in line just in time to pull into A1.

Becca Webster is seeing what she can do on A2.

Team Slowspeed is on A4 getting close to the 20 point drop.

Stock Mod team #58 Renee and Ted Lebaron seem to be making a nice run on C3

Brain Crofts is on C2 working to get up the ledge that everyone has been fighting.

UPDATE 12:40

Employing a little different strategy Bernie Hageman and Carlos T. backed their Ftoy through one of the gates that gave some of the other guys porblems.

Jesse Haines is still in the lead. His Maxxis tired equiped buggy jumped right up the wall on B2.

Lance and Jason just sent the Campbell built buggy on its lid on A1.

UPDATE 12:45

Mark Thurston and Darius "I want to be a midget cage fighter" Johnson just made an impressive run through A2.

Jesse is still picking his way through for a fairly clean run on B2

Dean Bulloch is backing down a drop on A4 gettting lined up for the final climb before the big drop.

UPDATE 12:50

The Stock Mod team of Jeremy Sordorff and Jesse Begby is giving C2 everything their Toyota can handle.

Dean Bulloch is really taking his time on the last climb on A4. Ouch he just took out a cone as he backed up to get a better line.

Buzzy Bronsema is bouncing his rig up A2. I am sure he is running out of time because he has been on the hill for awhile now.


Nicole Johnson is up on A2. Lets see if that little turbo charged Ecotech has enough power to propel her little rig to the top.

Robert Mckenney just flipped his rig off B2. He did his best to get it back on all fours but just couldn't pull it off.

Perris60.JPG Perris61.JPG Perris62.JPG


In just like that Nicole Johnson was up and back down A2 like it was nothing with a 0. I guess she wanted to show the boys it's not all about horsepower.


We have a double header with Cody Waggoner working his way on A2 and Team Floorit is crawling up B2.

With that blown head gasket Tom and Jason are trying to get through as quickly as possible to avoid doing boiling the motor over.


Jeremy Farrell and Mike Davis are really testing those Toyota parts as they bounce their Ftoy up C1. They are also taking what seems to be the easir route and backing down through the gates.

Team Torchmate are lining up to drop down into the bowl. As a rookie I am sure he is sucking up some seat cushion as Mike Schaffer BACKS him down a 8 foot drop!! It looks like Bill Kunz is off the hook because they ran out of time.

Weston Blackie is back to rock racing on A3 flying through the exit gates with only 35 seconds to spare.


Lovell Racing,sponsored by Fabtech Motorsports, just walked through A2 with hardly a blip of the throttle. I guess Nicole isn't the only one that doesn't need to use a bunch of horse power.

Troy Bailey is inching his way through A3. Being very slow through the off camber section.

Tracy Jordan is up next on A2. Lets see if he is going to go slow and smooth or hammer down.


It looks like it is shoot out time for the unlimited drivers. Little just made the call to get the top 6 unlimited lined up and ready to go. Little is over on what used to B2 and A2 moving some cones around and combing them into one course. Both of those courses have been giving teams trouble, being combined into one should be very interesting.

The starting order for the shoot out will be:

1. Robert McKinnery
2. Matt Messer
3. Shannon Campbell
4. Brent Bradshaw
5. Cody Waggonerr
6. Jesse Haines


Lance Clifford is stacking up rocks for Jason's final drop on A2.

Looks like the last few Ftoys are finishing up their courses for the day.

I also setup my webcam on Yahoo. I'm not really sure how much you can see but you are more then welcome to try to view it. My yahoo ID is amj3816.


Jody Everding after taking some break down time Jody Everding is back out on A3. He is picking his way through the off camber spot. Looks like his spotter is searching for rocks to get him off his belly pan.

Mike Shaffer and Bill Kunz is doing their best to finish up a dissapointing first event. Keep your spirits up guys it's only your the first event.

The Desert Fab guys are coming down a A2 trying to finish up a clean run.

Jody Everding's spotter is still grabbing and stacking rocks trying to get Jody unstuck.


Robert McKinny is lined up and starting his last run in Unlimited shoot out. Oh no he just sent it over. Thankfully the buggy is pretty lite because they got it pushed back over and trying to get the rig going. They are at 12 points right now.

Perris64.JPG Perris65.JPG


It is not looking good for Robert. He is already at 24 points and barely half way through the course.


Very dissapointing. They flirted with the banner and got a couple of warning from Little Rich then finally pushed it to far and Little shut them down. They ended it with a 1 and it doesn't look like they will gain on the leaders.



Matt Messer is starting on the course.


This Unlimited shoot out course is looking VERY tough. Ten minutes seems like a long time, but it is really pushing these guys to get through the course.

Matt and Messer are still only about half through and have used almost 5 minutes.

Little Rich has set this course really close to a banner that is really causing them trouble. If they go to far into the banner Little is right there to warn them and penalize them if needed.



Oh so close. In an effort to avoid a roll over Team Trail Gear picked off another cone and 40 the course.

So far it doesn't look like anybody is going to gain a position.



Shannon passed through the starting gates. You know team Monster would love to move up a couple spot in the finals.

Nick is packing some big rocks into the V-Crack.


Unbelievable, Shannon just did a complete barrel roll. Worked the wheel a second and put it back on all four.

Perris69.JPG Perris70.JPG Perris71.JPG


Another one down. After the great rollover and save Shannon has also pointed out.


For a little different approach Brent Bradshaw decided to back into the course. Is it going to help him?


Brad has hit the half way point and he is sitting at 30 points. So so so close but he got another cone and he also pointed out on the course.



Lets see of Cody can break the string of 40's and pull off a clean run on this tough tough course.


Cody is up and over the first part of the course in record time. He is sitting at 11 points right now. Scratch that with a nice slide down the rocks he is sitting at 21.


Cody is using every inch of this course. Making some very smart choices and looks to be very well planned out. He is sitting at 31 points.


Jim and Cody just laid down an impressive run!! They are the first to complete the course!! Now can Jesse match him and hold on for the win?



Jess is up and slicking his rear steer buggy up and through the course oh so smoothly.

Perris74.JPG Perris75.JPG


Jesse is putting on a drivers clinic! He is running the course so smooth it is unbelievable to watch. He is mixing in the rear steer, slow and steady and blipping the throttle at just the right time.


Finishing with seconds to spare Jesse Haines and Matt Deas take the Unlimited win in their Maxxis/Torchmate sponsored rig. Great jobs guys!!


After blowing out a front shaft Craig Thompson finished A2 by rolling the rig out of the finish gates! That is one heck of way to finish the course.


Even as we get close to the end of the day these guys are still going strong. Jody Everding just rolled the rig down A1 land it on the wheels, blipped the throttle to clean out the cylinders and punched it again to clear the finish gate with seconds to spare!!


While we wait for the final few Pro-Mods to finish up I am going to take this oppurtunity to jump down off the trailer and grab a cold drink. Be back in 10 or 20.


It looks like Nicole Johnson made the right choice by skipping the knitting and taking up rock crawling instead. With some great spotting my her husband Frank, Nicole just walked through A4 like she was making a trip to the mall for some new shoes.

Perris78.JPG Perris77.JPG

If all the rock crawling wasn't enough to keep your attention here at Perris Raceway there are some crazy guys on motorcycles racing flat track right behind us.



The running order for the Pro Mod shoot out is as follows:

1. Dean Bulloch
2. Nicole Johnson
3. Troy Bailey
4. Brian Errea
5. Tracy Jordan
6. Brad Lovell

They should start running in about 15 minutes.

They are currently looking for Dean Bulloch, so they can get it started.

Also it looks like Troy Bailey will not be showing up to the shoot out.


They should be getting the shoot out started any minute. All the drivers are here. They are just finishing look at the course and working out their strategy on how they are going to get through it.

I can't really tell from here but the Pro-mod shoot out course looks to be almost the exact same as the unlimited course.


Dean is up and working his way up the first climb.


Dean is using a lot of time to avoid a cone at the top portion of the course that a lot of the unlimited drivers were taking out. Oh no after all that time he still hit the cone and ended up pointing out.

Lets see what Nicole and Frank Johnson of Johnson Motorsports can do.

Perris79.JPG Perris80.JPG


With only 8 points to work with Nicole doesn't have much room for error as she tries to finish the course.

Perris81.JPG Perris82.JPG


After a fantastic try Nicole ended up taking out a cone and pointed out.

Is this going to be just like the unlimited finals with no one changing positions?

Troy Baily was suppose to be up next, but his rig is broken and will not make the shoot out. That really to bad becuase he had been well all weekend and could have moved up a spot or two.


Brian is crawling his way up the course. Unlike most of the other rigs Brian crawled his way up the first verticle climb. He is sitting at about 13 points as he makes his way to the upper turn with 4 minutes and a long way to go. Well make that 23 after he took the cone at the top.


With a minute to go it doesn't look like Brian is going to get through this course.


Well instead of pointing out Brian ended up timing out. I'm not sure if they were just comfortable with their position or were just taking it easy and lost track of time, but they didn't seem to be in a hurry to get through the course.


With the Lovell's in site the Jordan brothers are doing their best to catch them.

They just brought the LS2 to life and launched the rig up the first verticle.


After catching 2 cones the Jordan's went from catching the Lovell's to just trying to finish the course with out pointing out.

Perris83.JPG Perris84.JPG


Knowing he wasn't going to finish, Jordan lit up the LS2 and put on a show for the crowd. He was smiling away as he shot dirt roosters off all 4 tires holding the peddle to the floor.


The Lovell's just took the course. With the win already in hand are they going to go all out? I'm guessing they will. If for no other reason, but to see if the course can be done.


In a great show and a fantastic finish to the weekend the Lovell's pulled off the course with a 22. Great job guys and congratulations on another win!


Here are your final scores!! Your getting them the same day. Can you flipping believe it!!

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