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OK, It's up for sale! SPECS:

1990 Jeep Comanche Eliminator
4.0, AX15 5 speed, 231 T-case, D30/D35 axles
VERY RARE combo of Eliminator, shortbox, 4x4
Power steering, brakes, factory fog lamps, cruise, tilt, no a/c, brand new tires, full size spare, dealer installed drop-in bedliner.

I got this truck from it's ORIGINAL OWNER and it shows. It was immaculately maintained and taken care of. She had the orginal window sticker and receipts for most of the work that's been done since it was NEW including oil changes, tune ups, brakes, all factory recalls, TSB's, updated valve cover and breather kit, etc. etc. etc. She was meticulous on it's maintenance right up until it started having overheating problems at 186k miles, and that's where I got it. Another shop had already pulled the head and I had it check for cracks/warped, etc. Reassembled with all new gaskets, cleaned the injectors/intake system, installed new oxygen sensor, tune parts, fan clutch, thermostat, etc. It also got a brand new Modine radiator, which I think was probably the original cause of the overheating.

This truck drives LIKE NEW, very tight. Not one squeek, rattle, clunk, etc. She has receipts for recent shocks, alternator, complete clutch job, etc.

What's wrong with it? The only flaws I can find are the typical Jeep paint & clearcoat peel/fade that all rigs of this vintage had. This one has it on the hood and on the tops of the bedsides, the roof is good. It also has a crack on the pass. side of windshield, but that can be fixed/negotiated on once a sale is arranged.

Asking price is $3,500. If you've looked for these trucks you know how hard they are to find, and you probably won't find one nicer. It is mechanically perfect, cosmetically very close. No door dings, etc.

Call, email, reply, etc. for more information.



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