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Located in Rutland, VT

D44 Low Pinion Waggy front passenger drop 61.5" wms. Spring pads are 31.5" apart (standard full size width). Fully built D44. Full parts Mike high steer with 3/4ton Chevy TRE's, 5 on 5.5 lug pattern, 4.88's, lockright, Superior shafts (the good ones made in the USA), CTM joints, drive flanges (have hubs i would throw in too), 1/4" plate diff cover....etc..etc...would like $1500.00 for it. Make an offer.

Trades considered for the following:

Chevy60 Alloy inner shafts
Chevy60 35spline spool (for low gear sets)
Chevy60 LP 4.88 gears
Ford60 Alloy 35 spline outer stub shafts (11.4")
D60 35 spline drive flanges
D60 CTM or Longfield Joints
D60 High Steer parts
4:1 Lomax for Dana300

I would add money to this towards a drivers drop Atlas (3.8 or 4.3) with jeep 23spline input.

It is now dirty, and the calipers have the typical rust haze on them (not all new and shiney anymore).

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