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Hello Gentleman!

Got a deal on waggy springs front and rear. Fronts were easy. Rears are giving me issues, as this is the first time doing something like this. Im trying to figure out how to position the axle.

Before I weld the front hangers, do I mock up the axle in the center with no weight on it to set the front hanger position (first image below)? The middle image shows 42 degrees of shackle angle with pretty much no pressure on the springs.

In the image first below, I have just enough pressure on the axle to raise the front hanger to the frame and position it. The shackle angle is 42 degrees. In the last image, you can see that I have about 1" of room before the driveshaft hits the front ujoint assembly.

Maybe I should burn in the hanger in its current position to keep the axle center, then move the rear hanger back to fix the shackle angle at ride height?

Or do I jack up the axle until the truck slightly comes off the jack stands (to simulate ride height), and then center the axle before positioning and welding on the front hanger? When I tried that, it forced the axle forward, bottomed out the driveshaft, and the shackle angle was around 20 degrees.

I've been searching all over and there is a ton of info on Chevy rears and waggy springs but I couldn't find anything to help answer my issue.

Thanks for helping a noob and I look forward to sharing my progress!

Cheers! 🍻



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