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This is for a three Walker Evans Racing 12" travel remote reservoir coilover shocks. They are setup for dual-rate coils (slider present), but only include one set of 10" coils (rate unknown). Two of the shocks are used and in good working condition as far as I can tell. There is no evidence of oil leaking past the shaft seal and the shafts move in and out of the shock bodies smoothly and firmly (on the two serviceable shocks). The shafts on the two good shocks are smooth (some of the pictures show a reflection that may make it hard to tell). I have not run them on my vehicle. The third shock stripped the threads from the shaft to the eye, and is included for parts or rebuild. Everything in the first picture is included in the sale, nothing else. Sold as-is, the description provided is accurate. They are not currently pressurized. Let me know if you have any questions. $450 obo. $325. Package is 23" x 15" x 6" and 39 lbs. if somebody wants them shipped.







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