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Hi, (this is a real newbie Q, please don't flame too much)

As I wrote, I'd like to improve carb performance, If you were to add sensors to the engine to tune up your carb, What set of sensors would you choose to be read using a multimeter ??(minimal set), What could be the best vehicle donor for the sensors??. I'd like to move to EFI but have budget limitations. I just want to make the wery first steps and also want to learn about the system, and once installed the sensors, want to keep them for the final EFI conversion. (ECU, TBI unit, wiring harness remaining sensors and distributor).

If one of the candidate sensor were the O2 sensor, where would you install it?, to the exhaust manifold or to the exhaust pipe?

Same with the crank sensor (Damper or flywheel)


MC 2150, AMC360
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