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I have a 1985 EFI Toyota pickup / Rock Crawler that I have invested countless dollars into that I would like to trade for a newer CRF450.
The truck started out as a pretty stock 1985 Toyota pickup, after owning it for a couple of months I hacked all the stock suspension out from under it and replaced it will an all new ALLPRO off road extreme kit which lifted the truck 5.5 inches. This kit included the hysteer setup with the rear springs as well (no blocks) and a brand new factory IFS steering box. In addition bilstien 5900’s were added all around with the extended shock hoops up front and a Sky manufacturing cross bar in the rear to mount them in the / \ configuration. The rear springs were also attached using Johnny joints to help the rear flex. The front springs also move the axle forward 1.5 inches to allow more clearance for the tires. Also a brand new Marlin Crawler transfer case with 4.7’s (not rebuilt) was added to lower the crawl ratio. And 5.29s are in both front and rear diffs with the accompaniment of an Aussie Locker in the rear and a limited slip up front. The rear end was taken out of an 89’ which is 3” wider than the ones that came on the 85’s so the stance matches the front. In addition I have the stock transfer case which I saved to double up with the existing one to lower the crawl ratio even more, but I never got around to doing this. The truck comes with ALL Pro rock sliders and an interior cage as well. I bobbed the back end about 6.5 inches just to the back of the frame as well. The drive shafts were also custom made by High Angle Driveline. As it sits now it is on 15x10 Alcoa rims with Pro Comp X-terrains that have about 25% tread. The only bad news is I rolled it up on the passenger side on Rubicon last summer and dented in the passenger side A pillar and broke the windshield luckily the doors were off and there was no damage to the passenger door. The A pillar could be cut out and replaced, but most people interested in this truck will make it a trailer rig Im guessing or maybe a formula toy project. It has typical body damage of a wheeler, nothing too serious, also it hasn’t been registered since 06 I believe. I have not been driving it for the last year and a half (except the occasional warm up and move) since I have a newer pickup which is easier to drive to and from. I have all receipts for everything and pictures of the entire buildup will come with it. Title in hand

I am looking for someone who would like to trade me their CRF 450 that is sitting in their garage and has not been getting much use for my Toyota that I only get to take to Rubicon once a year or less ( its only done one trip there so far). Preferably an 06 or newer. Low hours and in great condition. Must have title in hand as well. I ride 2-3 days a week and would get much more use out of another bike to accompany my CRF250


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