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Wanted: Hard top

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I would like it to be in good condition. It would need to be close
to the bay area or it can be along 80 from Sacramento to Reno if
it's worth it. Sorry this was not combined with the other wanted
ad. If you have one available, name a price and have a picture of
its condition if possible.
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thanks for the heads up on the ebay ad, I'd probably get it if the
rear doors and top were bundled.

Brian, I don't know what years were specific to which doors in the
rear. Are you talking about the bi-fold bit or the one door with the
big window? I'm definently interested, please send picts to
[email protected]

It's a '70 as said kling-on, but it doesn't need to be specific. I have
a corrogated side top and a guy with an older cruiser left me a
note saying he wants to buy it to be specific to his year.
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Brian, I emailed you back.

George, I PMed you.
Thanks for the heads up. What's his location?
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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